Routes Of Northern Thailand

We have written several travel guides for travelers in Northern Thailand that will introduce you to our region’s beautiful and unusual sights. If you are traveling by motorcycle, we recommend using a bike with an engine capacity of at least 125cc, as a bike with a weaker engine will not be able to overcome some roads. In addition, make sure you know how to use the motorbike brakes when going down a mountain slope, as improper use of the brakes can cause them to overheat and fail. And please remember, safety first!

A few words about what you will find on this page.

First, we published a section listing the most popular routes in Northern Thailand. Then we published a section about Chiang Mai, as our company is based in this beautiful city. Then, in alphabetical order, we listed the other northern Thai provinces surrounding Chiang Mai, and in each of these sections, also in alphabetical order, we listed the towns, attractions and places of interest in each of these provinces. The only exception is the provincial capitals, which are always published first in each section.

Popular Northern Thailand Routes

Chiang Mai and Surroundings

Chiang Rai Province

Lampang and Surroundings

Mae Hong Son and Outskirts

Phayao and Suburbs