Northern Thailand Routes

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Northern Thailand Routes

We have prepared interesting motorbike routes around Chiang Mai for you. Before taking the road, don’t forget to read tips for riders. Also, for exploring Northern Thailand we recommend using a motorbike with an engine capacity exceeding 125cc since there are places where a less powerful motorbike will be simply unable to get. We have tested all our motorcycle routes for you and we strongly recommend you to explore them.

  1. Doi Inthanon (1-day route)
  2. Samoeng Loop (1-day route)
  3. Mae Wang Loop (1-day route)
  4. Sankampaeng Loop (1-day route)
  5. Golden Triangle (1-2 days route)
  6. Pai (3-4 days route)
  7. Mae Hong Son Loop (3-5 days route)
  8. Chiang Rai Loop (4-days route)

Other routes will come soon. One-Day Trip:

  1. Chiang Dao + Chai Prakarn – map and POI soon
  2. Mae Ngat Dam – map and POI soon
  3. Mae Kuang Loop – map and POI soon

Multi-day Trip:

  1. Naan – map and POI soon
  2. Doi Angkhan – map and POI soon
  3. Mae Sariang – map, and POI soon
  4. Phrae – map and POI soon
  5. Payao – map and POI soon