Singha Park (Chiang Rai) – 10 Best Things To Do In 2023

Follow us to chill on this full-day trip to Chiang Rai at Singha Park. This agritourism attraction is the largest in Thailand. You can enjoy all the fun One Day Trip activities from farm tours, taking gorgeous photos of tea plantations, feeding giraffes up close and personal, and experiencing a bit of adventure with the exciting zip-lines! Anyone who doesn’t know yet that Chiang Rai has a cool place like this that you can spend an entire day in can follow us here!

Singha Park

Singha Park Chiang Rai is considered one of the landmarks that we have to check in and take some incredible photos of whenever we visit Chiang Rai, especially the giant golden Singha statue at the entrance that you cannot miss taking a picture. This is the largest agritourism attraction in Thailand, with a total area of over 8,000 rai (12.8 square kilometers). You can find many activities inside, from just chilling to something more adventurous. So Let’sLet’s see what we can do here!

Singha Park Things To Do

Farm Tour

Starting with a chilling activity by enjoying a farm tour of Singha Park. The trams are available periodically, with the first one servicing at 09:00 and the last one at 16:00. Each tram will depart every 30 minutes with a fare of 150 Baht for adult and 50 Baht for children not taller than 110 centimeters. You can enjoy each stop indefinitely as there is a continuous tram service to each point of interest.

Farmlike Scenic Park

You’ll visit the various parts of the park, from plantation fields growing fruits and vegetables such as oranges, jujubes, strawberries, raspberries, rubbers, oolong tea plants, and many more. The tram also passes swan lake, with over 50 swans swimming about in the area. Breathe in the pure, refreshing air, especially in winter, when you can also witness bright, colorful flower fields ranging from pink cosmos flowers to yellow sunn hemp flowers, among various other species.

Taking gorgeous photos at Singha Park's tea plantation

Tea Plantation

Make the first stop at the park’s tea plantation, which grows Jin Xuan tea – more commonly known as Oolong Tea No.12. It is a type of tea that originated in Taiwan and grew in beautiful rows on the plantation across a wide area, with over 700 thousand trees and spanned over 600 rai (0.96 square kilometers). You can also rent traditional hill tribe costumes with tea baskets as props to take photos of the lovely tea plantations.

Petting Zoo and giraffe feeding

Giraffe Feeding

Next is the Zoo zone – a place to observe how animals live. Singha Park has several animal species under its care, ranging from giraffes, zebras, Watusi cattle, and Sun conure parakeets, among others. So you can witness those adorable animals up close and personal. You may also buy some bananas to feed giraffes and zebras. Plenty of photo ops abound with those lovely animals!

Admiring the view of Doi Chang and zip-lining

The last stop is the Sports, Recreation, and Adventure Center, where you can enjoy slinging from zip lines. The activity is available in rounds from 10:00 – 18:00, costing 300 Baht per round. This is where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of Doi Chang at a height equal to an 9-stories building for over 400 meters. Quite a bit of adventure to experience!

Zip Line

After gearing up and wearing helmets properly, the guide will take you to a 9-stories high zip-line tower, tall enough to make your heart races a bit. As soon as you get into positions at the launch points and the guide starts counting from 1 to 3, be ready to hear loud screams of excitement afterward. Those who love challenges can’t miss this place.

In addition to zip lines, you can also find a wall climbing activity here and a rental bike service that allows you to ride around the park along bike routes ranging from 2-10 kilometers long. This activity will enable you to exercise alongside sightseeing the beauty of nature up close.

After you’re done with the exciting zip-lining, the trams will take you back to the terminal at the entrance.

Price: 300THB per round

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

If you want to test your strength and agility, rock climbing is available here. If you want to test your strength and agility, rock climbing is available here. You can choose top rope or lead climbing.

Price: 150THB per round

Top rope climbing, also called “top roping,” is a type of climbing in which the climber is safely attached to a rope that goes up, through an anchor system at the top of the climb, and down to a belayer at the bottom of the climb. During the climb, the belayer pulls in any slack rope so that if the climber loses their grip, they won’t fall more than a short distance.

Lead climbing is when one climber goes first and the others follow. The lead climber wears a harness that is connected to a rope that connects to the other climbers. While ascending the route, the lead climber periodically connects the rope to protection equipment for safety in the event of a fall. This protection can consist of permanent bolts, to which the climber clips quickdraws, or removable protection such as nuts and cams.

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You will especially enjoy cycling along the paved roads and numerous nature park trails among the beautiful flower fields and picturesque scenery.

Price: 200THB per hour and half

Singha Park Camping

If you didn’t get enough of the park yet and wish to stay at the park longer, Singha Park also opened the camping to service campers as well, with camping grounds available for those who brought their own tents and prefab camping tent accommodations available for rent for those who did not.

Singha Park Camping

There are many interesting events as well, especially during winters when you can experience gorgeous flower fields that you can take photos to post on social media. Anyone who plans a trip to Chiang Rai cannot miss visiting Singha Park Chiang Rai as well!

Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Hot Air Baloon Festival

Among other things, hot air balloon festivals are regularly held on the territory of Singha Park, which attract balloonists from all over the world. What’s more, a variety of events from charity marathons to concerts by the most popular Thai pop stars are held here all the time. You can find out about upcoming events on Singha Park’s official FB page.

Bhu Bhirom Restaurant

Singha Park Chiang Rai also has the Bhu Bhirom Restaurant, servicing a variety of food dishes on the menu ranging from Thai cuisines, Western cuisines, and local northern Thai cuisines. The ingredients used are also homegrown in the park as well. You can enjoy delicious food while observing the view of the green tea plantations in the valley. The atmosphere great is beyond words. There is also a viewing point near the restaurant that offers a panoramic view of the park, which is considered one of the best spots to watch sunsets as well.

Other Singha Park Activities

Melons Shcool

However, at certain times of the year, there may be additional stops at Melon School (seasonal only), Red Xinjiang dates field (seasonal only, opening from November – February), and strawberry fields (seasonal only, opening in February). Rock climbing, cycling and e-scooter riding, rope park – you’ll find that here, as well.

Map & Directions

Singha Park is located on the same route as Wat Rong Khun. As you travel along the route from Chiang Mai, you’ll arrive at Wat Rong Khun first. Go past the temple further for about 7 kilometers and you’ll arrive at Singha Park. If you’re coming from Chiang Rai, you can drive along the Route 1211 for 13 kilometers.

Weather Forecast

The most accurate weather forecast in these parts. Please refer to this data if you are traveling.

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What To See At Singha Park

Chiang Rai International Balloon Fiesta

Drone Footage


Sure! This place offers a variety of activities such as rock climbing, biking, zip-lining, ropes course, electric scooter rides, tours of the organic farm and flower fields, tea plantation walks and tea picking, and a zoo. You’ll also find a restaurant with Thai and Italian cuisine, and a gift store.

Admission to the park is free. You pay only for the activities you choose of your own choosing.

Before visit Singha Park, be sure to check our rental rates and read our bike travel tips. You can contact us to book a motorbike on this page. Don’t forget that Chiang Rai Province is full of mountainous and hilly roads with long and steep slopes. Therefore, we strongly recommend reading the article on why even experienced riders can have brake failure. See you!

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