Chiang Mai Motorcycle Riding School

We do not rent motorcycles to travelers with no motorcycle experience. Considering the traffic situation in Thailand, it can be very dangerous for your life, which is why this is one of our basic rules.

However, if you would like to rent a motorcycle, we strongly recommend that you complete preliminary training at the Honda Safety Riding Park. Today it is the best motorcycle school in Chiang Mai with professional English speaking instructors.

Chiang Mai Riding School

There are 13 different classes in Honda Safety Riding Park: Pre-Ride, Pre-Clutch, Driver’s License, Basic Course, Basic Big Bike, Experienced Big Bike, Advanced Big Bike, Basic Dirty Kids, Dirty Kids Experience, Basic Off-Road, Off-Road, Experienced Off-Road.

Suppose you want to go to Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai, Doi Ang Khang, or Mae Kampong. You cannot visit these places traveling by motorcycle if you have no driving experience, as the local roads are very winding and dangerous. Therefore, before renting a bike from our company, take a riding training if you have no experience.

Before you visit us, check out our rental rates and read our tips on traveling safely on a motorcycle. Then you can contact us or read detailed information about motorbike rentals in Chiang Mai.

And please remember that Cat Motors does not provide motorcycle driving lessons and does not rent motorcycles to travelers without riding experience.

If you are already an experienced motorcyclist, read our travel guide about Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand, and get going! See you soon!

Cat Motors Team