We don’t rent motorbikes to travelers who don’t have any motorcycle riding experience. Considering the traffic situation in Thailand, it can be very dangerous for your life, so, it is one of our rules.

However, if you still want to rent a motorbike, we strongly recommend you to have a prior riding training in the Honda Safety Riding Park. Today it is the best motor school in Chiang Mai with professional English-speaking instructors.

Training to ride a motorcycle in Chiang Mai

Honda Safety Riding Park has 13 different classes: pre-riding, pre-clutch, driving license, basic course, basic big bike, big bike skilled riding, big bike advanced, dirt kid basic, dirt kid experience, dirt bike basic, dirt bike pro, dirt drill.

If you have riding experience, you can get familiar with the renting conditions in Cat Motors and check the renting prices for motorcycles.

Training to ride a motorcycle in Chiang Mai Cat Motors 1