Phu Chi Fa – Travel Guide for Lovers of Amazing Sunsets

Travel to enjoy the sea of fog in Phu Chi Fa (ภูชี้ฟ้า) and Pha Tang mountains in Chiang Rai (เชียงราย) province. Sightseeing tour with superb vantage points, hill tribe villages, flower gardens and the town’s main pagoda.

Phu Chi Fa mountain

When talking about Chiang Rai, everyone knows about Phu Chi Fa, a tourist attraction that has long helped build the reputation for this province. It is considered the best place to see not only the sea mist of Chiang Rai, but also one of the best places to see the sea mist of Thailand as well, making it a popular place for tourists who visited Chiang Rai.

The unique natural landmarks of the peaks point to the sky, and the long-hanging cliff that extends to the border of Laos is surrounded by the sea mist. The highlight of a trip to Phu Chi Fa, apart from experiencing the cool weather and the beauty of the sea of mist, is the wild orchid trees in full bloom in February. During this time, visitors can see all the blooming wildflowers at the foot of the mountain.

Best visiting time: Nov. – Feb.

That’s why we would like to introduce you to the tourist spots in Phu Chi Fa district that you can visit at any time, because since you have already ventured high up into the mountains, it’s worth visiting every stop. And for those of you who would like to travel during the low season to avoid crowds, you can make your plans as to where to take your best shots.

Phu Chee Fah mountain located in Chiang Rai province is one of the highest peaks of Doi Pha Mon mountain range, which serves as a natural boundary between Thailand and Laos. The mountain owes its name to its shape – a sharp peak reaching into the sky, with a boundless sea of mist during sunrise Phu Chi Fa’s beauty defies words, and the romantic atmosphere can compete with any European mountain trip.

Recommended as an additional route when traveling along the Chiang Rai loop or to Doi Ang Khang. Before traveling through the mountainous regions, do not forget to read our article on why brakes can fail on an automatic scooter and how to fix it. Also do not forget our tips for riders in Thailand.

Getting around Phu Chi Fa

Getting around Phu Chi Fa

If you are riding, you can ride around Phu Chi Fa to visit hill-tribe villages and go further to Doi Pha Tung and other tourist spots quite comfortably. Or if you are traveling by bus, you can catch your ride at the passenger bus stations in various villages or even hire a songthaew (thai pick-up truck) to get you around.

Hotels and accommodation at Phu Chi Fa

You can ask for permission to pitch a tent at camping areas or various locations around the National park provided for tourists. Toilet facilities are available at these spots. Or if you prefer a less challenging type of accommodation, there are many resorts, houses and other spaces for rent available for tourists in hill-tribe villages and around them in the Phu Chi Fa area.

Top 9 tourist locations at Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Fa Viewpoint


According to Wiki, the height of the mountain is 1,442 meters (4,731 feet). The very top of the mountain offers a 360-degree panoramic view of rare beauty. To see the sea of mist and to watch the sunrise you will have to take a 1,5km hike up the mountain from Rom Fah Tong village, located next to the trail.

Your walk will have to begin early in the morning while it’s still dark, so you can welcome the first light of a new day. On the way down, among the wild Himalayan cherry trees, you can stop to watch the birds and study the nature around you.

The Best Time to Watch the Dawn, Sunrise and Misty Sea.

If you want to meet the dawn on the top of the mountain, then, in this case, you must first check the time of sunrise on this day at the link –,100.4516864

phu chi fa dawn sunrise time

Note that “sunrise” is the time when the sun has already risen above the horizon. Thus, to see the dawn, you need to climb to the top of the mountain about 1 hour earlier. But do not forget that you will spend about one more hour to wake up, wash, brush your teeth, get from your guesthouse to the foot of the peak and climb to the top.

That is if the sunrise is at 6 a.m., then to see the dawn you need to wake up at about 4 a.m. to be at the top of the mountain at 5 a.m.

After dawn and sunrise, you can also see how the misty sea dissipates, and from the thick white fog appear mountains that separate Thailand and Laos

From the moment you wake up in your guesthouse and until the moment you return back, it will take about 3.5-4 hours. Therefore, do not forget to bring drinking water and sandwiches with you to the top of the mountain.

Watershed Management Ngao – Ngao

Watershed Management Ngao - Ngao

It’s the spot to enjoy the beauty of blossoming wild Himalayan cherry, there are more than 5000 trees in the area. There is also a camping area where you can pitch your tent, toilet and other facilities provided for the tourists visiting Phu Chi Fa.

Phu Sang Waterfall

Phu Sang Waterfall, Phu Chi Fa

Located in the area of Doi Pha Mon mountain range national park, Doi Phu Chang is famous for its small waterfall filled with warm water from the hot springs. You can even take a swim! There is also a natural warm water pond where the water temperature is around 35°C nearby.

U-Kruet Farm Hill (Ukrist Farm Hill)

Ukrist Farm Hill

A favorite rest stop for tourists in the Phu Chi Fa area. Accommodations, coffee shops, and souvenir shops are available here. It’s well known for colder climate fruit and vegetable fields, where you can find gardens of peaches, persimmons, apricots, lychee, macadamia nuts, black grapes, arabica coffee plantations and enjoy blooming wild Himalayan cherry trees.

Doi Pha Tang mountain

Doi Pha Tang mountain, Phu Chi Fa

Located nearby Phu Chi Fa, that’s why you shouldn’t miss it while coming here – why waste a chance of seeing the sea of mist and more wonderful scenic views? Tourist attractions and viewpoints in…

Phu Long Tang

Phu Long Tang

Or Doi Phaya Phipak national park. An area formerly notorious for many communist guerilla groups, it has recently become another natural tourist attraction of Chiang Rai. Phu Long Tang area hosts a large natural water reservoir known as “Dragon’s pond”, with beautiful scenery, rose gardens, and an exhibition hall and pavilion constructed to commemorate His Royal Majesty Rama IX and remind people that his Royal foot has walked these remotest ends of the country of Thailand

Phu Pha Sawan or Phu In, Rom Po Tong village

hu Pha Sawan or Phu In, Rom Po Tong village

Also located in the Phu Chi Fa area, this viewpoint offers views of the sea of mist. Visitors can pitch a tent in the camping area or find accommodations at one of many resorts in the area nearby.

Jom Jo Temple

One of Buddha’s relics is said to be enshrined in this temple, located in Thoeng sub-district. Local people believe that if you make offerings here, you will obtain the “gift of melodious speech.” A blessing that will make you appease any listener. On the day of the full moon of August each year, a sacred water offering ceremony is held here.

Doi Pha Mon Mountain agriculture project

Doi Pha Mon Mountain agriculture project

It is the source of many colder climate plants, where from December-January you can see a variety of colder climate plants in bloom like tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, azaleas, and chrysanthemums – to name just a few. The most famous, however, is the tulip festival, when large fields are filled with blooming tulips of various types. It is the largest tulip plantation in Thailand! There are also multiple shops offering souvenirs and other agricultural produce.

Phu Chi Fa Weather

Before you go to Phu Chi Fa mountain, be sure to check the local weather forecast, and take a rain jacket with you just in case. Also, do not forget warm clothes if you spend the night in Phu Chi Fa camping.

Meteogram - 5 days - Phu Chifa

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