Useful E-Books For Riders In Thailand

Like any other country in the world, Thailand has traffic rules and fines for breaking them. For some travelers this comes as a surprise!

One guy from the United Kingdom once told us that the 500 baht fine he paid to a policeman for driving without a license was a racist fine!

He may have forgotten that in the United Kingdom, where he was from, the fine for driving without a license is usually around £1,000 (45,000 baht = 90 times more) and 3-6 penalty points. The maximum penalty is a level five fine, which is £5,000 (225,000 baht = 450 times more) and six months in jail.

Strangely, when talking about racist fines in Thailand, he didn’t mention that.

So we’ve uploaded e-books in English for you about traffic rules in Thailand to Dropbox. You can download them and read them at your convenience.

E-Book #1. Road Traffic Act of Thailand (en) – Download from Dropbox

E-Book #2. Vehicle act of Thailand (en) – Download from Dropbox

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Cat Motors Team