Doi Tung – The Best 14 Attractions in 2022

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Winter this year at Doi Tung. Who is looking for a place to travel to enjoy the cold wind? We invite you to check in. Chiang Rai Tourism at Doi Tung by Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage has held an annual festival The color of Doi Tung, the 6th time . Come to eat, play, watch, shop, chill, feel the cold breeze in the theme of Family-Friendly Festival (Family-Friendly Festival) in the highest cultural pedestrian street market in Thailand.

Big Giant Check-In Spot

Big Giant Doi Thung

Check-in, a beautiful photo spot with “Giant”, the legendary creature of good luck in the hill tribe people. A 9-meter-tall mixed media sculpture designed by the artist. “Lolay-Thaveesak Srithongdee” with the structure team Suparat Inthanives and Doi Tung Agriculture Team at Mae Fah Luang Garden full of plants and flowers which will only be seen at this even.

“To” is an auspicious animal according to the beliefs of the Tai Yai people, 1 of 6 tribes on Doi Tung. with a deer-like head lion The Shan people believe that to is a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. Legend has it that when the Lord Buddha came down from heaven after visiting his mother in the Tavatimsa Heaven, gods, humans and animals in the Himmapan forest come together to meet His Majesty to make merit and offer food to the Lord Buddha The big and large birds came out to welcome him with joy.

Born as a “nok dance”, popular dance and dance during the Buddhist Lent festival Because the Shan people believe that the big bird is an animal that has joined the dance to the Lord Buddha during the end of Buddhist Lent, sure enough.

Mae Fah Luang Garden

Mae Fah Luang Garden It is a flower garden with hundreds of species that change regularly. Distinctive with the collection of orchids, Naree shoes. Her Majesty’s favorite flower In the middle of Mae Fah Luang Garden is a sculpture named “Continuity” Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn bestowed this name to mean that any work can be successful. It must be done continuously. The work of Misiam Yip In Soi, a famous Thai artist, sure enough.

Mae Fah Luang Garden

The highlight and specialty of Mae Fah Luang Garden in this event is the arrangement of flowers in the fabric of 6 tribes surrounding the sculpture. continuity It is another point where tourists can come to appreciate the beauty and take pictures in the midst of nature. There are also winter flowers such as brightly colored geraniums, the favorite flowers of Her Majesty the Queen. Orchid many species and Phalaenopsis orchids at the Doi Tung Development Project have developed and bred themselves as well.

Doi Tung Tree Top Walk

An adventure activity on the Doi Tung Tree Top Walk , which is over 30 meters long and 297 meters long, allows tourists to walk and study the plants and experience the atmosphere in the midst of the shady forest in Mae Fah Luang Garden closely. A tourist attraction that has received a lot of attention from both Thai and foreign tourists.

Doi Tung Children Playground

A beautiful garden area that lets children’s imaginations run wild. There are rides that are designed to blend in with nature, besides children can exercise in the fresh air. You can also learn about the environment that is full of natural beauty such as butterflies flying around in the beautiful flower garden.

Tribal Food

Come and enjoy the local menu, northern food such as khao nuk sesame, a snack familiar to northern people. Made from soft, steamed, warm glutinous rice mixed with sesame seeds, fragrant, delicious, plus benefits from 3 types of good fatty acids, it is a rare dish.

Doi Thung Tribal Food

Choco-Dipped Strawberries Applied menus to appeal to the new generation By bringing the winter fruit planted on the mountain, sweet and sour taste, good smell, dipped in rich chocolate flavor that goes well together.

Fried firewood is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with soybean, simmered for 2-3 hours until it becomes firewood and then fried until golden and crispy. Serve with bean bubble dipping sauce. mellow taste Can be eaten by all genders and ages It is the food of the Shan people. that can be done in every household There are also Khao Puk, Akha, Khao Puk, Thai Yai, and Kan Jin Rice, one of the most popular dishes of the hill tribe people.

Doi Tung Royal Villa

Doi Thung Royal Villa

Formula Doi Tung

Formula Doi, a play that is considered an adventure activity that blends in with nature and is considered a continuation of local wisdom It is a toy modified from a cart to harvest the agricultural products of the villagers. In their spare time, villagers and children often come to play and compete for fun. and connect the relationship between the village.

Doi Tung Viewpoint

Doi Thung Viewpoint

Craft Shop

Traditional handicraft fashion products Lahu ethnic clothing from I am LahU shop, weaving work by old people who have been doing it since ancient times. Combining modern design and color matching. It is a fashion of the old and the new era perfectly.

The Akha ethnic clothing of the Tribal Fashion shop has both traditional and applied styles, such as colorful bags, hats and silk scarves, satchels, headdresses that are picked up and worn whenever they are always fashionable, woven by Aphi (Akha language translated that Grandma) produced at Laba house, under the supervision of Pim Pim, the shop owner who loves needlework. All work has been created from the heart.

From students Huai Rai Samakkee School to small entrepreneurs with creativity and curiosity and want to generate income for themselves Therefore, they developed products from the rags that occurred in the Doi Tung Development Project. and materials obtained in the community to make Paint baskets, bamboo hats, Akha wristbands, notebooks, etc., developed continuously until it became Mon Fah Luang Shop by Huai Rai Samakkee School. full of craft idea.

Colorful Amphitheater of Doi Tung

Colorful Amphitheater of Doi Tung Paint the job title. by an artist named Wit Pimkanjanaphong, along with lecturers and students from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. The idea came from wanting to add a comfortable corner. but colorful like the name of the festival for tourists to use as a meeting point chill seating and allow tourists to sit and watch people walk around in a high angle Importantly, it is also a photographic spot that is different from one of the colorful works of Doi Tung.

Thai Massage Booth

Massage booths that have trained massage therapists who are villagers to have a career by the Community Health Enterprise Group, Baan Semi-Way SHE, in a special massage course “Body perm massage” in just 10 minutes, 80 baht, can treat office syndrome symptoms. The drome can be alleviated. relieve pain very suitable for tourists or people who have little time and need to rush all the time.

Craft Workshop

Paint bag with natural materials that can be found in the house Finished painting can be taken home to use or give to friends. As a gift, it’s stylish in another way.

There is also ceramic sculpture. Learn how to make ceramics From genuine artisans every step of the way, handmade work that may inspire future careers. When you do it yourself, you may be enchanted without realizing it.

Including making dried flower cards The only new year gift in the world. easy to invent harmless to the environment It also helps to develop concentration as well.

Doi Tung Eco House Pavilion

Eco House was inspired by the houses of the villagers. Made entirely of bamboo. Designed by the Shma team together with Doi Tung craftsmen. It is aimed at everyone who visits. Realize the importance of the environment and global warming that is a major problem today. In order to change their behavior that will affect the environment for the better

At the event, separate trash bins were created for everyone to practice separating waste. self-discipline and campaigning and using natural materials throughout the festival such as plates, bowls, spoons, glasses made from bamboo, banana leaves or environmentally friendly materials such as carrying cloth bags instead of plastic bags And try to use plastic bags as little as possible. By choosing plastic that can only be recycled and reused.

Mae Fah Moob

The highest point of Doi Tung and the Doi Nang Non Mountain Range with a panoramic view for tourists to admire It is a mountain range that separates the Thai-Myanmar border. In the past, this area was a route for drug transport. It is now an arboretum. Origin of the Red Kham Daeng rose tree and many varieties of millennial rose.

Doi Thung Map

The most popular highlights when arriving to take a photo at check-in are: The sunset courtyard, Sam Bai pine forest, Doi Chang Mup base of operations where the villages and military bases of Burma can be clearly seen and there is also a camping ground to wait to see the sea of mist in the morning as well.

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