11 Reasons To Visit Wat Sri Suphan Temple In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city and capital of the Chaing Mai province in the mountainous region of northern Thailand. It is quickly becoming a popular location for tourists visiting Thailand and offers a number of interesting sites to see and things to do, including almost 300 temples.

One of the fascinating temples to see in Chiang Mai is the Wat Sri Suphan Sanctuary, which is home to the Wat Sri Suphan Ubosot, also known as the Silver Temple. There are various reasons why you should make your way to visit the location and explore what it has to offer.

Easy Access To Temple

It sometimes feels like finding your way around Thailand can be daunting, especially in locations like Wat Sri Suphan, which is not popular among tourists. But finding your way to the Silver Temple is not at all complicated. You can walk from Chiang Mai gate down to Wualai Road from the right and turn into Soi 2 or Soi 3 (both lead to Wat Sri Suphan).

If you follow the signs, it is pretty simple to find. Stopping and asking one of the locals for directions is also helpful if needed. It is not too far from the Chiang Mai city center and just outside the city walls.

A Low Tourist Traffic Attraction

As stunning as every tourist attraction site is in Thailand, visiting high-traffic spots can get overwhelming, tiring, and distracting. Wat Sri Suphan has low tourist crowds making it a lovely, quiet place to see and enjoy. It also means you can get the best photos without many people getting in your way or obstructing the views.

Additionally, the site is free to visit. Most free places are always filled with tourists and residents, but Wat Sri Suphan is one of the few free sites in Thailand that you can enjoy without the crowds and still get an experience beyond your expectations. Bare in mind that while the site is free to enter, it costs 50 THB per person to go near and enter the Ubosot. 

History And Location

Wat Sri Suphan sanctuary is known as the silver working district of Wu Lai. It is the center of teaching and silver sculpture conservation of the Wu Lai community. The Silver Temple is built on top of an antique 1502 temple. It is covered and decorated by the artisans of Wua Lai and was managed through donations from believers.

Sri Suphan is one of the oldest temples in Chiang Mai, initially built in the 16th century during the Mangrai dynasty. Over different historical periods, with modern times, the temple has been rebuilt and renovated. It continues to be updated to date. The inspiration to create the silver-clad Ubosot came from the silver craftsman in and around the Wua Lai community with knowledge and experience in fine metalwork.

Wat Sri Suphan Architecture

The exterior of the Silver Temple is breathtakingly beautiful. Some parts are made with pure silver, while the rest is aluminum that is painted in silver. Every aspect of the temple is covered in silver, nickel, and aluminum, including the Buddha statues. Each silver plate tells a story. 

The exquisite details on the temple’s design have figures from religious mythology and zodiac animals to rural life and the life of the Buddha. It is absolutely mesmerizing, and you can take hours just walking around the temple observing each intricate, intrinsic element.

Ubosot Of Wat Sri Suphan

The Wat Sri Suphan Ubosot is the ordination hall. It is common for many Buddhist temples around Thailand to have an Ubosot next to the main temple. Inside the ordination hall, they perform the ordination ceremonies for monks, including other religious Buddhist rituals and prayers.

Entering Ubosot will deliver an experience beyond your expectations. It is beautiful in a way words cannot express, and the entire Wat Sri Suphan location is a must-visit site to fully appreciate the work done to create the Silver Temple. Inside the Ubosot, you can find a representation of a Buddha’s life and chat with monks about Buddhism.

Women Cannot Enter The Ubosot

The outside of the ordination hall has a clear sign pointing out that females are not allowed entry into the Ubosot. Females can admire the Silver Temple from the outside, but only males are allowed inside the hall. It is noteworthy to understand that it is not uncommon in Thailand’s Ubosot temples. Women are allowed in the main temples without any issues.

The reason for this is also provided; however, it might not be digestible to many who don’t understand the thinking behind Buddhism’s cultural and religious beliefs. The gist is that because women have menstrual cycles, the sacred artifacts under the temple floor may be affected. It also implies the temple itself or the woman can be negatively affected if they enter.

Viharn (Worship Hall)

Not far from the Ubosot – is another structure called the Viharn, a worship hall. All are welcome to enter and pray inside. Tourists can look inside and get one of the strings from the monks, said to be a lucky armband. You can find many of them hanging after entering the Viharn.

The worship hall is stunning inside, from the fantastic carpentry to the vibrant interior design colors. The sizeable Buddhist statue at the end contrasts with the architecture. The Viharn is a smaller gold temple, but it has silver sculpting on the doors to match the silver conservation site and blend in with the other structures.

Silver Carving Workshops

Around the corner from the Silver Temple, within the sanctuary, there are dozens of little workshops with several workers creating silverware, silver jewelry, and beaten silver art objects. Specific workshops are dedicated to carving, sculpting, mending, and making the silver used in the temple.

You can interact with the workers in the workshops, ask questions, and engage in the experience of learning and observing how things are done.

Buddha Footprint

The Buddha footprint at Wat Sri SUphan, outside the ordination hall, is worth noting. It can be easily missed with everything else to visually absorb, but it is as fascinating as you can imagine. The footprint is around 1,25 meters long (about 4 feet). Although there is sadly not much information about it, you can get some beautiful pictures to add to your Thailand memory bank.

Tok-Sen (Rare) Thai Massage

While walking around the silver sanctuary behind the Ubosot, you can find a little massage place. The type of massage done type is a rare, ancient Thai technique that is 2500 years old. It is based on the therapeutic effect of using a small hammer and wood chisel from the tamarind tree that is charged with lighting and blessed in a monastery.

The massage takes around 15 minutes and is a wonderful experience to have before leaving the site. Not only will you feel relaxed, but you will also be rejuvenated and ready to explore more of what Thailand offers.

Wua Lai Walking Street

Wu Lai Walking Street is the name of the best walking street market. It is about 1 km long and happens on Saturday nights 5-11 pm on Wualai Road in Wu Lai, Chiang Mai. The market is primarily for locals instead of tourists and is great for picking up some lovely memorabilia from your Thailand visits.

Wualai Road is well known for the silver trade and is close to the Wat Sri Sruphan sanctuary, where you can visit the Silver Temple. The market holds a range of clothing, soaps, food, and arts and crafts. The best part is the bargains you can find since the items are cheap (for locals).

The walking street market also offers Thai spices, silverware, and other unusual items. You can enjoy a couple of hours exploring Wat Sri Suphan and then go on a shopping spree along the market and, of course, try some local food before you end the day. Following the Wualai walking street market also makes it easier to find Wat Sri Suphan and vice versa.

Saturday Night Show

If you speak to others or research the Silver Temple, praises run far about seeing how the silver shines and sparkles against the sun during daylight. You will rarely hear or be recommended to visit the sanctuary at night. The night ceremony starts with a prayer or chanting and then a meditation session, followed by a candle-lighting ceremony around the LED-lit temple.

Every Saturday at 7:00 pm, a fire and dance show at the Silver Temple is enjoyed by the assembly that forms in the street on Wualai Road due to the Chiang Mai Saturday Market. There are LED lights, singing, chanting, and dancing, providing a fun cultural immersive experience for locals and foreigners to absorb and enjoy.


Wat Sri Suphan is a must-visit temple in northern Thailand in the Chiang Mai province. The Silver Temple has much to offer regarding Buddhism, religion, culture, and heritage. It is unique and one of the most modern temples in Chiang Mai, with low tourism traffic, and is next to the Walking Street Saturday market on Wualai Road.

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Wat Sri Suphan does not require any fees for attending their activities. However, donations for their services would be greatly appreciated.

Wat Sri Suphan offers a variety of meditation classes for all levels of practitioners. From beginner to advanced students, participants can explore their inner selves and develop self-awareness through their meditative practices. Sri Suphan temple offers personalized guidance and support to those that are interested in exploring their spiritual side. The temple offers classes on various topics including mindfulness, concentration, awareness, compassion, and insight meditation. The meditation instructors are highly trained and experienced in the practice and can provide the necessary guidance and support for students in their journey. Additionally, performances of traditional Buddhist chants are also part of their program to help deepen the understanding and appreciation of Buddhist teachings. Wat Sri Suphan is an ideal place for those looking to learn more about Buddhism and practice meditation.

The temple was originally over 500 years old. However, it took on its current appearance between 2008 and 2016, when local silversmiths took part in the restoration and refurbishment of the temple.

Most of the decorations are made of aluminum and its alloys. However, silver is used to create holy images and the most important architectural elements of the temple.

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