Discovering Tube Trek Waterpark - A Detailed Traveler's Guide

Tube Trek Waterpark (Google Map) in Chiang Mai is a well-established water park in the San Kamphaeng district, near the famous San Kamphaeng Hot Springs. This exciting waterpark was the first of its kind in Chiang Mai, offering fun-filled days enjoying the elements.

Locals and tourists love the waterpark, as it’s a great spot to have a party or cool off on a humid day. Everyone is welcome to visit – even non-swimmers who want to tag along for a good time. Unless the park usually has a promotion running, you can expect different fee structures based on height and if you are a local or tourist. However, kids under 90cm (35 in.) enter for free.

Attractions And Activities At Tube Trek Waterpark

This waterpark has much to offer, from mild family entertainment zones to adrenaline-pumping waterslides. The entrance fees vary according to the zones you wish to visit, the age and height of visitors, and if you want to hire a family cabana for the day. But first, let’s look at the fun water-based activities on offer.

Slider Zone

Put on your bathing suits as it’s time to enjoy some exciting water slide fun! You’ll discover the waterpark has many thrilling water slides in its Slider Zone for adults and children alike. However, there are a few physical restrictions that apply.

For instance, people shorter than 90 cm (35.5 in) and weighing less than 40 kg (88 lbs.) may not utilize some of the more extreme rides for safety reasons. Additionally, some extreme slides only open at 1pm when the park gets busier.

Agravic Capsule

The Agravic Capsule is a thrilling ride that is bound to get your adrenaline going. Tube Trek is the only waterpark in Northern Thailand with a trapdoor to drop you into the waterslide of rushing water. In addition, the slide is fast-paced and enclosed and has an inclined loop to add to the excitement.

U-Swing Slide

The U-Swing is an exciting ride that starts with a steep drop. Then, your momentum makes you charge up an almost vertical wall before descending the water slide again. While you can do this ride alone, it is best shared with a friend on one of the double tubes at the water park.

Aqualoop X

The Aqualoop X is a pink and orange water slide with twists, turns, and dips. You can go on this ride alone or use a double tube for a tandem ride with your buddy.

Spin Slide

The Spin Slide is a fun, enclosed water slide where you can go down on your stomach using a slider board. First, you go through a windy, enclosed tunnel and then exit onto a steep blue slide that takes you to the pool at high speed. Swimming customers are given a slider board when they enter Tube Trek.

Wormhole (Family Raft Ride)

The Wormhole is a thrilling family raft ride that six people can enjoy simultaneously, so take along a few friends! On this ride, your tube is launched onto a giant, circular platform which acts like a massive drain. You and your friends will swirl around the entrance before sliding down the funnel to the pool below.

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Wave Pool

If you’re looking for a more chilled-out way to have fun in the water, you can visit the wave pool behind the Kids’ Play Zone. Unfortunately, like some rides, the wave pool only starts operating at 1pm when Tube Trek gets busier.

The wave pool is designed to emulate a beach setting, with shallow water on the “shore,” ideal for smaller kids to splash in. However, as you go further into the pool, the water gets deeper and the waves bigger, plus there’s a stage for live performances. The waves run consistently through the afternoon, so you can splash, dive, or float to your heart’s content while listening to music.

Remember to watch the kids, as the water can get choppy depending on the frequency of the waves and the enthusiasm of other swimmers.

Lazy River

Lazy River is a long, winding, chlorinated river in the middle of Tube Trek waterpark, on which you float around on a tube. It flows around the Wormhole Slide and goes through scenic spots with lush greenery and water features. Use the Lazy River as an excellent opportunity to lie back, relax, and enjoy the festivities around you.

While the Lazy River isn’t very long, it flows circularly. This means you can keep floating around without needing to walk too far when you decide to get out. Instead, you can get out at the same place where you got in.

Kids’ Play Zone

The Kids’ Play Zone is designed to accommodate little people with lots of smaller slides, a large, shallow splash pool, and kid-friendly water play equipment. This area is suitable for all ages but is ideal for kids under 140 cm (55 in) tall.

There are lifeguards and friendly staff around the Kids’ Play Zone to monitor and assist the younger visitors. However, while Tube Trek has made it as safe as possible for children, parents and guardians are requested to always supervise their kids.

Space Fortress Slides

Tube Trek’s Kids’ Play Zone has tamer water slides with fewer twists, turns, and loops. The slides in this area are called the Space Fortress slides, and they come in varying lengths. For instance, the longer ones are the blue and yellow, the red and blue, and the orange slides. However, the very short blue double Space Fortress slide is ideal for a gentle ride into the shallow water.

Food And Beverage Options

With all your swimming and sliding, you are bound to work up an appetite. Thankfully, Tube Trek has a whole bunch of eateries on-site, offering local and Western cuisine. Additionally, you needn’t carry around cash as the park uses wristbands that can be loaded with credit for purchasing items and services.

On-Site Restaurants And Snack Bars

In the park, you will find three eating areas: a snack bar, a restaurant and coffee shop, and an outside food court that offers a variety of meals. The food and beverage prices are reasonable, and you buy them using your credit-loaded wristband. For example, a beer and Thai food cost about 60 baht ($2) each, while pizza or spaghetti will cost about 189 baht ($6) each.

Picnic Areas And Outside Food Policy

Tube Trek Waterpark has designated picnic areas to keep food and packaging away from the water. For example, the outside food court has a dome where you can sit while enjoying your meal.

Visitors to the park may not bring their own food and beverages. The staff check bags at the entrance and will keep such items for you in their offices until you leave. You can, however, refill your water bottle at the park’s free drinking fountains.

Park Information And Tips

Aside from the swimming zones and eating areas, Tube Trek Waterpark has a lot more to offer. For instance, they also have a Souvenir shop where you can purchase mementos to remind you of your visit. They also have an on-site infirmary for treating minor injuries. And finally, they offer Wi-Fi which makes it easier for you to book your transport online.

Opening Hours And Admission Fees

Tube Trek is open only some days of the week or year, so it would be wise to check their schedule before making a trip there. The best source for updated information is their official Facebook page, as they do not have a website. However, the current opening hours are advertised as follows:
Months Opening Days and Hours
March, April, May Open daily from 11am to 6pm, except on Wednesdays.
February, June, July, August, September, October Open 11am to 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays only.
November, December, January Closed
The water park has different admission fees based on the zones you want to access. Their current promotion is 199 baht per person to visit the Wave Pool, Kids’ Play Zone, and the Lazy River. Then, if you wish to access all the zones, including the Slider Zone and Wormhole slide, admission will cost 399 baht per person. Children under 90cm (35 in.) can enter the water park for free, and visitors who do not plan to swim pay a lower admission fee of 100 baht. For those swimming, the admission fee includes a lifebuoy, life jacket, and Slider board.

Locker Rentals And Changing Facilities

There are ample bathrooms and changing areas at Tube Trek for the patrons to get dressed. Additionally, you can hire a locker for the day so that you don’t need to worry about your stuff.

Hiring a locker costs 60 baht, and then there is a 50-baht refundable deposit for the wristband key for your locker. The wristband is dual-purpose in that it is the key for your locker, and it’s needed for paying for items.

If you do not have your own bathing towel, you can rent a white towel from the park for 50 baht, with a refundable deposit of 100 baht.

Cabanas And Lounging Areas

Tube Trek has many lounging chairs, but shade is in short supply, so it is best to get there as early as you can to secure a spot. If you’re a bigger crowd, consider renting a private cabana for the day for 500 baht, with a 100-baht deposit. The cabanas offer privacy and shade and can fit up to ten people inside.

Safety Rules And Regulations

As with most public areas, there are safety rules and regulations to reduce the chances of injury or offending anyone. The rules for the waterpark are as follows:

  • No person under 40 kg (88 lbs.) or over 90 kg (198 lbs.) may use the slides.
  • Only appropriate bathing suits may be used in the water and on the slides.
  • People who have had recent surgery or those with heart conditions may not go on the slides.
  • No sharp or metal objects are permitted on the slides.
  • No t-shirts, long pants, clothes, or underwear are to be worn on the slides or in the water.
  • No food or food packaging is permitted in the water.

Tips For Visiting Tube Trek Waterpark

If you’re planning a trip to the waterpark, remember to follow these handy tips to make the most of your experience:

  • Remember to pack sunscreen and reapply it regularly to avoid getting sunburnt.
  • Take along a waterproof bag to keep your wet swimsuit and towel.
  • It’s a good idea to have a waterproof pouch to keep your valuables and mobile dry, should you not rent a locker.
  • Wear flops or water shoes as the floor can get hot, burning your feet.
  • Try to get to the waterpark as early as possible to secure a shady spot, as there is a shortage.
  • Some of the bigger rides and the wave pool only start operating at 1pm. However, the Kids’ Play Zone and the Lazy River are operational from when the park opens at 11am.
  • Plan to spend about three hours or more at the waterpark. It closes at 6pm. No new visitors will be admitted after 4pm.
  • You may face a few language barriers, so keep an eye out for information guides.
  • Check Tube Trek’s calendar or schedule on their Facebook page, as they’re not open every day. Some months they are closed, and others, they are only open on the weekends and public holidays.
  • Regarding accessibility, most areas of the park are wheelchair accessible. However, some of the slides and areas have steep stairs and narrow safety rails, which will hinder access for some.

Our Summary

If you want to cool down in the heat of Chiang Mai, consider visiting Tube Trek Waterpark with your family or some of your besties. This park has so much fun to offer for children and adults alike and is relatively inexpensive. Adults can enjoy all the rides – even the little water slides in the kids’ area. Those who are shorter or lighter will have restricted access to some of the bigger slides.

When you’re not floating in the Wave Pool or Lazy River, going down slides, or shooting your friend with a water gun, you can lie back on a sun chair and charge your Vitamin D levels. And you can feed your ravenous appetite by visiting one of the many food-dispensing shops. So go on and enjoy a fantastic day with your loved ones at Tube Trek Waterpark in Chiang Mai.


Tube Trek Waterpark is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Be sure to check their website or contact them directly for any special closures or holiday hours.

Prices may vary, so it’s best to check the park’s website for the most up-to-date ticket information. Discounts may be available for children, seniors, and groups, depending on the park’s policies.

The waterpark offers a variety of water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and a kids’ play area. Height and age restrictions may apply to some rides, so be sure to check the park’s rules and safety guidelines.

Yeap, Tube Trek Waterpark provides facilities such as lockers, changing rooms, and food outlets to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit for guests.

The waterpark aims to be accessible for all visitors. However, it’s best to contact the park directly to discuss specific accessibility needs and accommodations.

The waterpark can be reached by car or public transportation. Parking facilities are available at the park. Check their website or contact them directly for detailed directions and transportation options.

While visiting Chiang Mai, it’s important to respect local customs and etiquette. This may include dressing modestly and following any posted rules or guidelines at the park.

Some water parks may have restrictions on bringing outside food and drinks. Check Tube Trek Waterpark’s policies on their website or contact them directly for information on what items are allowed.

There are many attractions and activities to explore near Tube Trek Waterpark, such as the Chiang Mai Night Safari, Royal Flora Ratchaphruek botanical garden, Grand Canyon Water Park, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple, and Chiang Mai Old City.

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If you find inaccuracies in the text or want to add interesting information for our readers, feel free to message us.

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