17 Great Things At The Grand Canyon Water Park In Chiang Mai

When you think of Chiang Mai, ancient temples and bustling markets may immediately come to mind. Yet, hidden amidst the cultural splendors and verdant landscapes lies a vibrant gem that embodies the city’s playful spirit: the Grand Canyon Water Park. As a seasoned adventurer with a trove of worldwide experiences, I’ve found this recreational haven to be a refreshing divergence from the well-trodden paths of Thai tourism.

Picture an exhilarating water park nestled amidst the scenic beauty of Chiang Mai. It’s not named ‘Grand Canyon’ without reason – the park is uniquely set in a large man-made canyon, the result of a former excavation site now filled with crystalline water. It’s an oasis that blends adventure and natural beauty, serving up thrills against the backdrop of Thailand’s lush landscapes.

Grand Canyon Water Park offers more than just a chance to cool off from the tropical heat. It’s a place brimming with activities catering to all ages and thrill levels – from cliff jumping, wakeboarding, and ziplining to floating on the canyon, enjoying the water slides or simply lounging by the pool. This park is an idyllic fusion of excitement and relaxation, a unique addition to Chiang Mai’s diverse repertoire of attractions.

So grab your swimwear, and join me as we dive into the sun-soaked, adrenaline-filled, and utterly refreshing experience that is Grand Canyon Water Park. It’s more than a water park; it’s a testament to Chiang Mai’s dynamic appeal, promising a memorable day of aquatic fun for everyone.

Things At The water Park

Floating Adventure

The Grand Canyon Chiang Mai offering various outdoor activities. The first thing you notice when entering Grand Canyon is the Floating Adventure. This is an intricate floating obstacle course that features slides, challenging obstacles to overcome, climbing sections, and fun jumps. The Floating Adventure is a fun course that tests strength and endurance, but it is easy enough for guests of all ages to enjoy.

Floating Trampoline

The Grand Canyon features wonderful floating trampolines that are ideal for all guests but is especially fun for children.

There are several floating trampolines scattered throughout the waterpark. These trampolines are fun because they are incredibly safe. If you bounce over the side, you will simply land in the water without any harm.

These trampolines are large enough for some serious bouncing and are unlike any trampolines you have ever used before.

The floating trampolines can form part of the obstacle course, or they can be used on their own.

Giant Slide

There are several inflatable slides at the Grand Canyon Waterpark, but the highest of all reaches 10 meters (more than 32 feet) above the water.

This slide is exhilarating and exciting, no matter how many times you use it. The slides at this waterpark also form part of the Floating Adventure, and they are accessible on their own as well.

Climbing up to the top of the largest slide can be challenging for some guests, but the reward of sliding down is well worth the climb.


A favorite attraction at the Grand Canyon is the two ziplines that are available for all guests.

These ziplines span hundreds of meters and hang high above the water. Most waterparks charge extra for the use of zipline, but at the Grand Canyon are included in the price of admission.

Any guest who has paid to enter the waterpark can ride the zipline for no extra fees.

This type of activity is notoriously dangerous in certain places in Thailand, but the zip-lines in this park are very safe and are made to the most modern standards of safety. You can use these ziplines without concern.


The more adventurous visitors to Grand Canyon Waterpark always enjoy the wakeboard facilities here.

The park has a well-equipped cable-tow wakeboarding area that is available for guests to use. This cable-tow system makes wakeboarding easy and fun, as the wakeboarder is able to start from a platform, which allows them to stay above the water far more easily.

Wakeboarding at Grand Canyon does require an additional payment, but it is very affordable and does not add too much to the overall cost of visiting the park.


Grand Canyon Waterpark is not only made for running around obstacle courses and cruising along ziplines, but this waterpark has a massive expanse of water that is available for exploring and enjoyment.

A great way to enjoy the water here is to use a kayak to paddle around the park. Kayaks are available for no extra charge and are fantastic fun for the entire family.

The kayaks at Grand Canyon are well-made and safe. They are easy to use and allow guests to see areas of the park that are otherwise inaccessible.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping is what the Grand Canyon Waterpark is famous for. Before the waterpark was built, locals would use the flooded quarry as a cliff-diving location.

There are several high walls surrounding the water at Grand Canyon, and many of them are ideal for cliff diving, but all of the locations are closed off, except for the best cliff diving platform.

The other locations are closed off to ensure the safety of the guests, but the one cliff-diving area is more than enough to satisfy your high-diving desires.


The weather in Thailand is tropical and warm, which makes it an ideal location for a water park, and makes sunbathing a popular activity at Grand Canyon.

There are several leisure areas where sunbathing is common at this waterpark, so if you would rather catch some sun rather than use the slides, this waterpark is still ideal for you.

Fish Spa

The Grand Canyon Waterpark is not only home to several fun rides and slides, but it is also a place to enjoy a fish spa

A fish spa is a specialized tank full of small fish. Guests sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room, place their feet into the fish spa tank, and the tiny fish nibble away all of the dead skin on the feet, along with any bacteria and grime.

This process is entirely unique, and there is no way to describe it without experiencing it for yourself. You will walk away with supple feet and feeling wonderfully relaxed, despite your fun day out at the waterpark.

Many say that this fish spa makes it very difficult to leave Grand Canyon at the end of the day, as gusts want to stay as long as they can.

Kids Zone

The Kids Zone at Grand Canyon is an ideal place to take your small children. This area is safe for kids and features smaller, less intense versions of many of the slides and rides found elsewhere in the park.

This section of the waterpark is installed within clean swimming pools rather than the murky water of the main park. This keeps kids safe and is far better for kids with sensitive skin.

Parents must accompany kids in this area of the waterpark, but it is safe for children of all ages.

Good Safety

An important feature of the Grand Canyon Waterpark is that the park is very safe. Every guest is required to wear helmets and life jackets when appropriate.

There are plenty of lifeguards on duty throughout the open hours of the park, and Grand Canyon has some good personal safety features such as lockers where you can keep your belongings for safe keeping.

Coffee Shop

Grand Canyon Waterpark features a good coffee shop with some excellent coffee.

If you enjoy coffee, this is the perfect place to enjoy some excellent Thai coffee and experience local coffee in a fun environment.

You will not be disappointed with the coffee here. This small café is worth a visit for all coffee-loving travelers.


The restaurant at the Grand Canyon Waterpark is something special. There are many delicious meals to choose from, and the waterpark has several signatures Thai dishes for visitors to try.

This restaurant also features some favorite western-style dishes as well, so anyone visiting Grand Canyon will feel at home and always have something delicious to eat,

Shaded Areas

Many waterparks severely lack shaded areas for leisure, recreation, resting, and escaping the intensity of the sun, but Grand Canyon has several of these areas that can accommodate large numbers of people.

If you want to escape the sun but still want a great view of the park, these are the perfect areas to do so.

Personal Lockers

The personal lockers at Grand Canyon are a feature worth noting all on their own, these lockers are very secure, and they are a safe place to keep your personal belongings while visiting the pool.

It is always difficult to find a place for these items at waterparks, but these lockers remove the stress of keeping track of your valuables while enjoying the park.

Waterproof Camera Rentals

A fantastic feature o the Grand Canyon Water park is that there are waterproof cameras available for rent.

These cameras can be used underwater, and they are the perfect way to document your trip to the water park. These cameras allow guests to take pictures that would otherwise be impossible and can be a way to create some unique memories that you will cherish forever.

Waterproof cameras are available for 600 Baht, which is around $17 USD, and they are well worth the price. These cameras are great fun, and they make a way from some truly unique waterpark photos.

Birthday Discounts

The last item on this list of things that make Grand Canyon Waterpark great is that if you visit the park during your birthday month, the park automatically applies a 30% discount to your admission.

If you happen to be traveling to Thailand around the time of your birthday, be sure to visit the Grand Canyon, as it will be a day that you will never forget, and it will make a fantastic birthday gift.

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Sure, the Grand Canyon Water Park in Chiang Mai is definitely worth visiting. With its incredible array of slides, pools, and water attractions, this water park promises hours of fun for both adults and children. Plus, the lush tropical gardens provide a great setting for a perfect day out with family and friends.

Yes, there is a fee to enter the water park. Admission fees are based on the type of activity being pursued, such as swimming or relaxing, and also depend on age group.

Yes, the Grand Canyon Water Park strives to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. Facilities are wheelchair accessible and can accommodate visitors with other mobility needs.

The lockers are available at the park for guests to store their personal items and valuables. Guests can rent these for a small fee.

Yes, there are several restaurants and snack shops available at the park, offering a variety of different dishes from Thai cuisine to international options.

The Grand Canyon Water Park takes safety very seriously. All visitors must adhere to the park’s code of conduct, including wearing appropriate swimwear, not entering restricted areas, and following all instructions from park staff. Additionally, lifeguards are on duty at all times, and trained first aid personnel are available in case of accidents.

Yes, the Grand Canyon Water Park has lifeguards on duty at all times to respond to any emergencies that may occur.

Yes, the park offers additional activities such as volleyball, mini golf, and karaoke.

Sure, the water has been tested and is deemed safe for swimming, with regular monitoring and maintenance carried out to ensure its quality.

Grand Canyon Water Park offers student discounts for visitors who present valid student IDs. This does not apply to “adult students” who study Thai language, martial arts and other subjects, using study visas as a loophole for long-term residence in Thailand. 

The park is located at: 202, Leab Klong Chonprathan Road, Nam Phrae, Hang Dong. Click this link to see it on Google Maps.

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