Central Festival: Chiang Mai's No.1 Shopping Experience

Central Festival is an exceptional shopping and entertainment center situated in the dynamic city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. This state-of-the-art mall houses over 300 retail outlets, offering a wide selection of local and international brands to accommodate various tastes and budgets. The complex provides an extensive range of dining options, including fine-dining restaurants, casual eateries, and food courts that cater to diverse culinary preferences. Additionally, Central Festival in Chiang Mai boasts a cutting-edge cinema, a well-equipped fitness center, and an engaging event space that hosts a multitude of activities and performances throughout the year. With convenient access via public transportation and ample parking facilities, Central Festival delivers an unrivaled shopping, dining, and entertainment experience for both residents and visitors.

The mall is located on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, northeast of the old town (Google Maps). As you approach the entrance of this giant building with its flowing curves and friendly fountains, you realize you’ll need at least half a day to see everything. Make it a full day if you’re going to enjoy some entertainment.

Humble Beginnings From Almost 100 Years Ago

It’s hard to believe that this vast and modern mall is a product of a tiny retail store that opened in Bangkok in 1925. A Chinese immigrant, Tiang Chirathivat, founded the little shop, which turned out to be the forerunner of the family’s current gigantic corporation.

In 1927, Tiang moved the shop, which sold a wide array of newspapers and magazines, naming it Central Trading Store, a name they would carry far into the future.

As their first small business flourished, Tiang opened a new shop in 1947 with his eldest son, Samrit. Samrit’s name means fortune and success, and it certainly seemed that he brought this to their business.

Samrit wanted to call their small store Central, using the Thai word Klang, but they decided on the English word as they thought it had a nicer ring to it. The thought behind the name was that their shop would be at the heart or at the center, where their customers could get everything they needed in one place. To date, Central Group has opened 21 department stores and malls.