18 Reasons To Visit Warorot Market (Kad Luang) In Chiang Mai

Warorot Market, a cornerstone of Chiang Mai’s vibrant local culture, stands as a testament to the city’s captivating blend of tradition and modernity. As a professional globetrotter, I’ve journeyed through numerous marketplaces worldwide, each with its distinct allure. Yet, the unique vibrancy of Warorot Market casts a charm that’s hard to match.

Envision an intricate maze teeming with a myriad of stalls, a treasure trove where each turn reveals unexpected delights. This isn’t a realm for the timid or time-strapped visitor. Warorot is a stage set for exploration and discovery – a dazzling medley that mirrors the multi-faceted richness of Thai society. The essence of Chiang Mai pulses through Warorot’s veins, offering a heart-stirring encounter with the city’s soul.

From the riotous display of textiles and apparel to the technicolor spectacle of farm-fresh produce and fragrant spices, from the array of irresistible street food to an assortment of traditional handicrafts and unique souvenirs, Warorot Market overflows with offerings that appeal to every sense. This is the epicenter of local life – a beehive of commerce and camaraderie that thrums with a life force of its own.

Venturing into Warorot Market is far more than a mere shopping excursion; it’s a deep dive into the cultural spirit of Chiang Mai, where age-old practices effortlessly intermingle with the dynamic pace of contemporary living. Strap on your most comfortable walking shoes and accompany me as we delve into the fascinating, frenetic, and utterly mesmerizing realm of Warorot Market. Rest assured, this journey will etch itself into your memory.

Warorot Market

Popular Market In Chiang Mai

Warorot is known for being one of the most popular markets, especially for locals. It is well-known in Chiang Mai city and throughout the northern region. It is also considered one of the best markets to stretch your money with its extremely low prices and get everything you could need in one place. Some people also refer to the Warorot as the Chinatown of Chiang Mai.

Day Market Turns Into Night Market

One of the most significant aspects of Warorot is that it is a traditional market by day and night market after the sun sets. Many Chiang Mai markets happen only at night to avoid the hot temperatures. Warorot Market is open daily with food, produce, meat, seafood, dry goods, clothes, accessories, and more.

Night Trade Warorot Market

Many of the main shops lock up at night, and the stalls switch to selling street food, clothing, and other standard night market items. It is worthwhile to check out Warorot Mart during the day and at night. The atmosphere also changes, and there are different vendors at night. The lights come on, and the weather is lovely.

In The City Center

Warorot Market is not difficult to find. Since it is famous, any local could help guide you in the right direction. It is situated in the city center, on Wichayanon Road, Tambon Chang Moi, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai. Amora Taphae Hotel is only a 20-minute walk from the market. You definitely will not struggle to find this exciting location.

Open All Day

Unlike most street markets in Chiang Mai City, which are only open for a few hours at a time, either during the day or at night, Warorot is open from 6 am to 5 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm after the switch to the night market.

It is fantastic and provides an opportunity for people who want to visit the day market to go early in the morning and avoid the hot temperatures. And you can go back to the night market and enjoy an entirely different experience.

Indoor And Outdoor

An interesting concept at Warorot Market is the outdoor and indoor sections. The indoor area includes three floors. The bottom floor houses the food, and you can find clothing, shoes, bags, and other accessories on the two upper floors.

Street Vendors Kad Luang

The outdoor side of the market has little stalls and carts selling various items, including clothing and accessories, textiles, crafting supplies, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, fresh flowers, and so much more.

The indoor market closes at the end of the day, and the outdoor section switches to the night market with all the typical night market supplies and culinary experience.

Best Food Market

If you are looking for a food market in Chiang Mai, Kad Luang is the answer. From ready foods to eat, fresh produce, dry goods, and more, you can find all you want and don’t know you need. Warorot has often been labeled the best food market in the region, and many people visit the market only for the food shops.

Various Market Vendors Purchase At Warorot

Souvenirs And Bags Are Sold Kad Luang Market

While Warorot is a vendor market, many vendors from around Chiang Mai and other parts of northern Thailand visit Kad Luang to purchase their goods. Kad Luang prices are 30-50% lower than anywhere else in the region. The vendors buy goods at Warorot for low prices and sell them at other markets with a markup. As a shopper, choosing Warorot Market is a more affordable option.

Fresh Produce

If you enjoy fresh produce, Warorot market will not disappoint you. Lines of stalls run outside, offering delicious, tender, and juicy fruits. From grapes, plums, and persimmon to dragon fruit, mangoes, and guava – you will get the best-tasting options you have ever tried. They even have fresh coconut and coconut water and an array of all the incredible products you can think of.

Fresh Meat And Seafood

Something that stands out at Warorot is fresh meat and seafood availability. Every possible thing you can think of will be there. They even offer live turtles, frogs, squid, etc. This is especially great for Thais and foreigners who live there because they can take home fresh protein to cook.

Dry Food Options

Dried Fruits And Yummy Treats Kad Luang

The indoor market at Warorot offers every type of dry food item, like candy, snacks, tea, coffee, spices, sauces, dried fruit, and more. It is the ideal place to shop if you want to take some Thai delicacies home and give authentic gifts to friends and family from your travels.

Food Court

The Warorot Market has a mini food court section which is a fantastic way to take a break from walking and shopping for authentic northern-style Thai food and snacks. A famous food cart with arguably the best northern Thai sausage is a must-try amongst other options like pork skin and fried pork.

Cheap Food Options

Kad Luang Market Street Food

The clothing, crafts, dry good, tourist tat, etc., is not the only cheap options at Warorot Market. The culinary experience at Kad Luang is also the cheapest you will find. All the street food, snacks, and meals at the market are at extremely low prices. You can eat to your heart’s desire, barely digging into your pockets.

Skin And Haircare Products

It may be surprising to learn that Warorot Market stocks all your toiletry necessities. Anything you might require from head to toe is the stalls. Hair dye, oils, nail polish, lotions, makeup, shaving cream, wax, tools like razors, combs, brushes, sponges, etc., are available. You will never need to go anywhere else, which is another primary reason Warorot is so popular.

Various Clothing And Accessories

The clothing options are unbelievable at Warorot. They have everything anyone could need, including underwear, socks, jeans, shorts, dresses, tops, t-shirts, ladies’ undergarments, vests, etc. You can find modern wear, kids’ clothing, and traditional Thai outfits in various stalls.

Textile Sales Warorot Market

The market has accessories like jewelry, hairbands, hair clips, bags, shoes, belts, hats, and more. Every color, shape, and style you could imagine is available to purchase.

Fresh Flower Market

At the end of Warorot Market, outside, you can find vendors selling the most beautiful, colorful, and fragrant flowers. There are even some flower crafts that you can hang on your bike or around your home. There is a large variety of flowers, and all of them are fresh.

Opposite Ton Lam Yai Market

The Warorot Market and opposite the Tom Lam Yai Market on the same street. Tom Lam Yai is another large market in Chiang Mai, not far from the Wat Chiang Man, and gets a lot of its traffic from people visiting Warorot Market. The great part about this is you get to experience two markets without going very far, and if one is too crowded or you don’t find what you need, you can check out the other.

Bicycle Rickshaws Waiting For Customers Warorot Market

The Tom Lam Yai Market has a section that sells various fabrics you can purchase. Several dressmakers work in the market and can turn your material into apparel. If you provide them with pants or a top of your size, they will sew you something you request within a couple of days.

Next To The Bus Stop

Another brilliant feature at Warorot Market is the Songtaew bus station beside Ping River, situated just past the flower vendors. The buses will take you to several locations. You can purchase a ticket right at the station, and the prices are super low. This makes transportation to and from Warorot Market highly convenient.

Next To The Ping River

Ping River is located next to Warorot Market. It is a landmark in Thailand. Along with Nan River, Ping is of the two tributes of the Chao Phraya River. It passes through Chiang Mai and flows through Lamphun, Tak, and Kamphaeng provinces. The river is harmonic, and sometimes when the tides are high, you can enjoy the fast current and see how high the water gets.

It is said that early Chinese merchants settled along the river because they used riverboats for transporting goods between Chiang Mai and Bangkok. This adds another reason the area is quickly becoming more appealing to tourists. At the same time, Kad Luang is naturally a traditional neighborhood reflecting the multicultural history of the city of Chiang Mai.


Warorot Market, also called Talat Warorot or Kad Luang locally, is one of the most well-known markets in Thailand’s northern region. It is situated in the city center, on Wichayanon Road, and is open daily from 6am to 11pm for both the day and night markets. It is known for being one of the most popular markets, especially for locals, and provides an opportunity for anyone wanting to stretch their money with low prices and get everything they need in one place.

At Warorot, you can find clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, textiles, crafting supplies, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, fresh flowers, dry goods, candy, snacks, tea, coffee, spices, sauces, dried fruit, and more. The market has a mini food court with various Thai snacks and meals, along with an outdoor section that switches to a night market after the sun sets. There are many vendors from around Chiang Mai and other parts of northern Thailand that visit Kad Luang to purchase their goods for 30-50% lower than anywhere else in the region.

The market is located next to Ton Lam Yai Market, as well as Ping River, which is a tribute to the Chao Phraya River. Early Chinese merchants settled along the river due to them using riverboats for transporting goods between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, making it appealing to tourists. Warorot is the ideal place to shop if you want to take some Thai delicacies home and give authentic gifts to friends and family from your travels.

Warorot Market Location

The Warorot Market is easy to get to because it is located in the center of Chiang Mai, on the banks of the Ping River. From the ancient walls of the old city on the east side (this is the side where the Thapae Gate is located), you have to walk along the Chong Moi road in less than 10 minutes and you will find yourself at the market.

Google Map direction is here

Despite the fact that the market is less than a 10-minute walk from the old town, some cab drivers may ask you for 300-400 baht for a ride, which in our opinion exceeds all reasonable limits. The usual fare is no more than 20-30 baht.


Warorot Market, locally known as Kad Luang, is one of the oldest and most cherished markets in Chiang Mai. Operating since 1910, it’s a focal point of local life, offering a vast range of goods and a real glimpse into Thai culture.

Warorot Market is open daily, typically from early morning around 6 a.m. until late in the evening around 7 p.m., although some stalls may stay open later.

The market is renowned for its food. Must-try items include Sai Oua (Northern Thai sausage), Khao Soi (Northern Thai coconut curry noodle soup), and a plethora of local desserts and fruits.

Each stall has its specialty, but the food stalls on the ground floor and the clothing and craft stalls on the upper floor are particularly popular.

Sure! You’ll find traditional Thai silk, hill tribe bags, handmade soaps, and various spices. Don’t forget to pick up some packaged Thai snacks to take back home.

There are numerous restaurants and street food stalls surrounding Warorot Market. Try exploring the nearby lanes, often referred to as ‘sois’, for more authentic local dining options.

Absolutely. Thai cuisine offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes, and Warorot Market is no exception. Just ensure to clarify with the vendors about your dietary preferences.

It’s best to bring cash when shopping at Warorot Market, as most vendors typically deal in cash transactions.

The market is generally accessible, but it can get crowded, and navigating through narrow aisles might be challenging. It’s recommended to visit during off-peak hours for a more comfortable experience.

Generally, visitors should dress modestly and behave respectfully. Bargaining is acceptable, but it should be done in a friendly manner. And remember, ‘wai’ (a slight bow with palms pressed together) is a common Thai gesture to say hello or thank you.

While there aren’t specific festivals at the market, during major Thai festivals like Songkran or Loi Krathong, the market is especially vibrant with special food and goods.

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is a short walk away and a great place to visit in the evening. Other nearby attractions include the Ping River and its riverside restaurants, Tha Pae Gate, and the beautiful Wat Phra Singh temple.

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