Cat Motors has been working in the moto-rental market for many years. All our motorcycles and scooters are in excellent technical condition. All company employees follow the high standards of personal conduct with respect to responsibility and tradition. High standards of personal conduct mean that our employees follow the principles of honesty, integrity, impartiality, and respect when dealing with customers as if our clients were our own relatives or good friends.

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Renting a motorcycle from our company you will get:

  • Health insurance (you can read more about the insurance here. Please note that if you get into an accident, we will help you step-by-step to receive a compensation and will not set you adrift like some other rental companies do.
  • Free motorcycle delivery within the town in case you sign a lease contract for one week and more. You no longer need to run around the town asking for a motorcycle and waste your precious time instead of exploring historical places and sightseeing of our town.
  • A good price for scooter renting. You can be sure that you have found the best rental in Chiang Mai that has the best price/quality ratio.
  • A full tank of gas. Right after renting a motorbike you don’t need to urgently search for a gas station in order to buy fuel, as it has already been poured to the fuel filler neck of the gas tank, but don’t forget that you have to return back the motorbike with a full tank of gas too.
  • First-aid kit. You don’t need to look for a pharmacy if you suddenly get into an accident, as there are already bandages, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and painkiller in the kit. You can use this medical kit yourself or help a crashed road user. But if you haven’t had any troubles during your trip, you should return the first-aid kit complete, so that we can give to a tourist who’ll come after you.
  • Dust masks that filter out dangerous pollutants from the air, which shouldn’t be sniffed at.
  • Anti-Theft Devices. Usually a wheel disc brake lock or an alarm locker.
  • Raincoat for a driver.

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  •  Good quality helmets of “three quarter” standards with integrated shields to protect you against flies, mosquitoes, bugs, spiders, sand and other rubbish from the road during your trip. Please pay attention that we don’t have half-face helmets because we truly believe that half-face helmets are made for suicidal people, because due to their design, in case of a crash they will not protect your head.
  • Tires on all our motorcycles are in good condition, so renting a motorcycle with a flat tire in Cat Motors is 100% excluded because your safety on roads is our top priority. However, according to the instructions of the manufacturer, you’re supposed to pump the tires once a week or every time you get to the gas station, depending on what happens more often. Otherwise, tires will fail after a few days and you will have to pay for its replacements as it would be your fault.
  • We give you scooters only with fully operational brakes. If it is not your first time in Thailand and you have already rented a motorcycle somewhere else, you probably understand what I mean. Also, please don’t forget to read this article about brakes and brake fluids.
  • Motorcycle service in an efficient, precise, and timely manner. If you have a light bulb burn out or battery dead or you need oil in your engine to be changed, we will do it free of charge, because the service has already been included in the price. Simply come to our office and we’ll fix the malfunction. If repairing the malfunction requires a long time, we will provide you with another motorcycle. Please remember that if you puncture a tire, you’ll need to pay for it. All other maintenance services are free of charge.
  • Unfortunately, there is no insurance in Thailand covering damages from crashes for minibikes and scooters, but we calculate all the damages using the purchase prices for spare parts, which are lower than in workshops and dealer service centers.

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  • Honest and reliable service (nobody will cheat you out of your money and ask you to pay for losses which are not your concern; to avoid misunderstandings it is necessary to make a photo of the motorcycle appearance when renting).
  • If you are not sure about the model you want to choose, you can always have our counsel (for example, for a girl shorter than 170 cm, the best option will be Yamaha Mio 125i. If you are a man higher than 190 cm height, you should pay your attention to Nouvo SX or Yamaha Grand Filano, or maybe Yamaha QBIX. If your height is from 170 cm to 190 cm, the best model for you is Honda Click 125i. If the driver’s weight is more than 100 kg, he has a wide bottom and he is going to a several-days trip around Chiang Mai, to Mae Hong Son Loop, for instance, his best choice is Yamaha Aerox or Honda PCX). You can have a test drive in our office and choose the model you liked, but don’t forget to contact us and specify the availability of bikes before hand.
  • Please DEFINITELY note, that if you don’t have any riding experience, we have the right to refuse to rent you a vehicle. In case you want to rent a scooter, we will ask you to have a small test drive before the rent. That said, we will recommend you the best motor school in Chiang Mai with professional English-speaking instructors.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, there is a CCTV camera installed in our office, which records all actions of our employees and the visitors. The rental owners check all correspondences in chats between the clients and our employees regularly. All phone calls are recorded too. In the case of a possible misunderstanding, this will help us to sort out the issue. Based on our experience, usually, there is only one reason behind all misunderstandings: not all of our employees are fluent in English. In any case, you can find all the terms and conditions of the lease on our website and in our rental agreement too. The terms are written in a clear manner in English so that everyone can understand them. If you have any questions or there are any misunderstandings in your correspondence with our staff members, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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