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Other than the papaya salad, pad thai, Wat Phra Kaew temple, or tuk-tuks, which are all things that most foreigners will ask about when visiting Thailand, Thai boxing is also something that comes to mind for many. It is, without question, considered the national martial art of Thailand, and there have been many Muay Thai boxers winning prizes on the international stage. So it is no wonder why many foreigners from Europe, Asia, or anywhere else travel all this way to this country to learn and train in the arts of Thai boxing regularly. And today we are going to tell you about three of the most respected and honored Muay Thai training camps in Chiang Mai.

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Buakaw Village

In Mae Taeng district, Chiang Mai, about 50 kilometers from the airport, contains various tourist attractions worth visiting like the Huai Nam Dang National Park, Mok Fa Waterfall, and many river rafting sites, but how many know that there is a Muay Thai village open for tourists to visit and relax amongst the beauty of nature? Not many people know this, actually! Because if you do not study the route thoroughly beforehand, it could be quite a maze to get here.

Best Muay Thai Gym In Chiang Mai, Banchamek Gym

This place is Buakaw Village, under the management of a world-famous Muay Thai fighter Sombat Buakaw Banchamek. This site is designed to be a gym that can accommodate local and foreign enthusiasts to train Muay Thai, starting from beginners to career fighters, with exceptional instructors like Buakaw himself and several other gym trainers.

Everyone gets to live the life of a Muay Thai fighters in a lovely environment among the beautiful mountains, trees, and fields. You will be able to try out food diets typical Muay Thai boxers eat. There are accommodations available, and guests can participate in local activities and customs such as rice transplanting, harvesting, fishing, and taking care of the livestock on a farm that Buakaw set up next to the Muay Thai training camp. Additionally, there are many other nearby tourist attractions that you can visit during break time. Those who do not wish to teach but simply to relax can also enjoy their time as a guest here, where you are guaranteed to experience a lovely atmosphere!

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The Camp Muay Thai Resort and Academy

The Camp Muay Thai Resort and Academy is the largest Muay Thai gym in the northern region, with a total area of over 9,000 square feet and as many as four 8×8 meters boxing rings that can accommodate everyone interested in training. The gym also contains adequate exercise and training equipment, including as numerous as 22 punching bags of various types and their many training programs. In addition, there are trainers who are guaranteed to create confidence for new trainees during their training because they are all experienced professional boxers who have trained long enough to become experts who can impart their knowledge to learners efficiently.

Archan Sanitphan Muay Thai Gym

Typical classes would involve rope jumping, muscle stretching, balancing, agility, kicking, punching, and kneeing training. You do not have to worry about relaxation as the gym has 12 VIP-class guestrooms available, not to mention a 24-bed dormitory nearby. For the reasons mentioned, this gym is ideal for learners who want to participate in long-term training courses and may wish to raise their potential as professional fighters.

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Ajahn Sanitphan Muay Thai Gym

This gym has been around long enough to be a formidable school of the art of Muay Thai. The name Sanitphan is renowned in the Muay Thai field as that of an experienced fighter who was trained in the martial arts since he was only about ten years old. After many fights through the years, Sanitphan decided that it was time to pass on the knowledge to a new generation.

Archan Sanitphan Muay Thai Gym

Thus, Ajahn Sanitphan Muay Thai Gym was founded and became a place to train aspiring young kids into professional fighters capable of winning various prizes and trophies from multiple rings.

Anyone who wishes to learn the moves of ancient Muay Thai style Muay Boran (literally means ancient boxing) like Salab Fan Pla (Switching Fish Teeth), Paksa Waeg Rang (Bird Peeping Through the Nest), Jorakae Fad Hang (Crocodile Tail Whip), Hak Nguang Aiyara (Breaking the Elephant Trunk), this gym could be an answer for you.

In 2011, the gym won the “Muay Thai Gym of the Year” award from the Muay Siam Association of Northern Thailand. The gym land covers over 4 rai (1.58 acres), and the surrounding areas have longan plantations that provide fresh longans for those who want a taste. The overall atmosphere is homely in the northern Thailand style. Those interested will receive a warm welcome from instructors during the training. This historic gym is located at the edge of the city of Lamphun, about 16 kilometers from Wat Phra That Haripunchai and 30 kilometers from Chiang Mai City.

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The cost of training Muay Thai in Chiang Mai varies depending on the gym, location and type of program you are looking for. Generally, one-month programs start at around 10,000 baht ($330) and include accommodation. A weekly training regimen may cost you around 600-900 baht ($20-30) depending on the gym. Additionally, there are many day classes available for a few hundred baht ($9-10) per session.

You should check it with the Muay Thai gym where you plan to train. Some of them will help you prepare some documents for your 1-year educational visa if you pay for a year of martial arts training in advance. So if you train muay thai in Thailand for a year, you have the opportunity to get a student visa.

Sure, you can discuss this with your coach. There are several boxing stadiums in Chiang Mai where novice and experienced kickboxers compete against each other to the audience’s cheers, not only to be rewarded but also to keep their own personal statistics of victories and defeats.

The best place to train Muay Thai in Thailand depends on your individual needs and goals. There are many great Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok, including Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy, Fairtex and the Sityodtong Camp in Pattaya. Other well-known gyms include Lanna Muay Thai in Chiang Mai, Phuket Top Team and Sinbi Muay Thai in Phuket. Alternatively, there are many smaller gyms in each major city where Muay Thai is taught.

Professional Muay Thai fighters in Thailand can earn anywhere from a few thousand to several hundred thousand baht ($330-10,000) per fight. The exact amount a fighter makes depends on several factors, including the promotion and budget of the event, the fighter’s record, and the size of the audience. In addition to the fight pay, some fighters will receive a percentage of gate fees or other types of bonuses.

If you’re coming to Chiang Mai for Muay Thai boxing classes, check out the helpful tips we’ve written for travelers exploring Northern Thailand. Also, check out our rental rates if you want to rent a motorcycle to get around town. If you still have questions, you can contact us or explore more information about motorbike rentals in Chiang Mai on the homepage. See you soon!

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