Best Muay Thai Gyms In Chiang Mai

The best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai will take you on a revitalizing fitness journey while also exploring a whole new side of Thailand and its vibrant martial arts culture. Being a discipline of life for many Thais and self-discovery, there’s nothing quite like learning Muay Thai in the land of its origin, physically feeling the history and spirit of this ancient tradition.

Chiang Mai, the captivating cultural capital of northern Thailand, offers the perfect setting for this exciting martial arts. That said, you’ll need to know some of the best Muay Thai gyms in the province!

There are many treasured training grounds and reputable establishments scattered throughout Chiang Mai, and from the many, six excellent examples well worth the effort include:

  1. The Camp Muay Thai Resort and Academy
  2. Hong Thong Muay Thai
  3. Santai Muay Thai Gym
  4. Dang Mauy Thai Gym
  5. SKP Muay Thai Gym
  6. Boon Lanna Muay Thai Gym

In addition to this list, we will tell you about the training camp Buakaw Village, which was founded by the legendary multiple world champion of Muay Thai, Buakaw Banchamek.

But don’t just take our word for it; these gyms all speak for themselves in the passion each offers in their own proficient and distinct training, combining striking and clinching techniques and physical and mental discipline for all skill levels. Explore Chiang Mai’s best gyms and how to unleash your inner warrior as we explore some of the best places to pack a punch in northern Thailand.

The Ancient Roots And Awesome Rewards Of Muay Thai

Learning about Muay Thai’s blast from the past is always a great idea before stepping into a gym. The technique, occasionally referred to as Thai Boxing, is the nationwide sport of Thailand and has been practiced for over 600 years.

What is more exciting is that the roots of Thai boxing date historically to the 13th or 14th century in Siam (before it became Thailand). It was derived from Krabi Krabong, a combat style of the Siamese army that used long and short weapons. However, instead of using weapons, Muay Thai was formed by using the fighters’ own bodies as weapons with eight points of contact.

The fists acted as swords; the elbows as hammers; the knees and shins as armor; and the legs and knees as axes. This gave Thai boxing the nickname of the ‘art of the eight limbs.’

The transformation of Thai boxing into its modern form began with the collapse of Siam’s capital, Ayutthaya. During Muay Thai’s early development, it became popular as a sport and entertainment, often performed at temples and festivals, with traditions still seen in the best train Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai.

It is a style of life that emphasizes discipline, respect, fortitude, and perseverance in the heart of northern Thailand. Muay Thai helps people of various ages and backgrounds become physically fit and mentally healthy while encouraging self-confidence and self-defense. And among the many benefits of training the art, some that truly stand out are:

  • Cardiovascular conditioning: involves aerobic and anaerobic exercises challenging your heart and lungs.
  • Strength and power: use your whole body to generate force and speed for your strikes and movements.
  • Flexibility and mobility: requires stretching and twisting your muscles and joints in various directions and angles.
  • Coordination and balance: trains your hand-eye coordination, footwork, timing, and rhythm.
  • Stress relief and fun: Muay Thai allows you to release your pent-up energy and emotions safely and positively, giving you a sense of enjoyment, achievement, and the opportunity to socialize.

If any of the above tick the right boxes, know you’ll be in for one striking adventure at some of the best Muay Thai Gyms in Chiang Mai. Many reputable and authentic Muay Thai gyms cater to beginners and advanced students alike, so without further excitement, here’s what you need to know.

The Camp Muay Thai Resort And Academy

As we delve into the realm of Chiang Mai’s best Muay Thai gyms, the first on our list is the epic retreat and training haven, The Camp Muay Thai Resort and Academy. Boasting a gym, resort, and academy that offers everything you need to learn Muay, it completes itself as an unrivaled first choice for many.

The Resort and Academy is the largest Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai, with a 9,000 sq ft (836 sq meters) training facility with four international-sized rings, 22 quality heavy bags, 50mm Dollamur mats, and modern equipment.

Moreover, it also includes:

  • A fitness center with a gym
  • Workout room
  • Shanti Yoga & meditation classes
  • A Hansa Thai cooking school
  • Sauna and ice baths

The Camp cares about your needs and preferences, encouraging you to choose a program that suits your level of discipline and learn from professional and friendly muay thai trainers who are well-versed in Thai kickboxing. Practice with pros who passionately teach you the proper techniques and correct your mistakes while avoiding ineffective and outdated training methods.

On the resort side, the academy offers a variety of lodging options at different price ranges, with packages that even offer Muay Thai training and accommodation.

Camp Muay Thai Resort And Academy has a firm stance in the Hang Dong district, a picturesque and affluent area in Chiang Mai. Positioned approximately 15 minutes from the city center and the airport, you’ll be pleased to find it close to many restaurants and charming attractions.

Proudly wearing a heavy title of 5.0 rating from 73 reviews on Tripadvisor and 4.7 with over 200 reviews on Google, many pupils and guests have praised its quality of training, service, cleanliness, value, and location. Some reviews mentioned they had a remarkable experience, met some wonderful people, learned a lot from the trainers, and enjoyed the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere!

– Visit The Camp Muay Thai Resort and Academy website here
– View on Google Maps

Hong Thong Muay Thai

Next on the list of best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai, we have Hong Thong Muay Thai Gym, founded in 2013 by twin siblings Gen and Joe. Both are former Lumpinee Stadium legends and experienced trainers (with Joe being a well-known Muay Khao clinch fighter) who have coached in many well-known gyms nationwide.

The gym is situated 5 km (3 miles) east of Mueang Chiang Mai district, in a serene area surrounded by nature. It offers a spacious, well-equipped training facility with two rings, eight heavy bags, and modern amenities.

Moreover, it also includes:

  • A fitness center with a gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Accommodation options with private rooms or dormitories

This gym stands out from the rest because you will find people training here from all different backgrounds, all there for one thing: improvement, technique, control, performance, and discipline. From beginners to professionals, and even personalized attention or group training, you will find excellent coaching and guidance from the trainers.

You can learn the authentic and effective techniques of Muay Thai, improve your fitness and skills, and have fun with the friendly and supportive staff and fellow students. The gym has received rave reviews from many customers on Google, Tripadvisor, and Instagram, who praised its quality of training, value, and vibe.

Some reviews mentioned they had a fantastic experience, learned a lot from the incredible trainers, and proud to train at a gym home to many victories, and felt like part of a family! Overall, it’s a great place to strap on the gloves, warm up with some pad work, work on combos & technique, and improve with the guidance of skilled professionals!

– Visit the Hong Thong Muay Thai Facebook page here
– View on Google Maps

Santai Muay Thai Gym

Moving on to the third gym on our list of Chiang Mai’s best, we have Santai Muay Thai Gym, where you can experience true Thai boxing. Santai Muay Thai Gym was established in 2002 by Anantachai Pinsinchaii and Phon Narupa, two former champs recognized for their incredible experience and skill and highly respected head trainers in the Muay Thai scene.

Located in the countryside of Sankamphaeng, the gym is iconically known by many for its extensive and clean training area with three rings, various heavy bags, and quality equipment.

Furthermore, it also includes:

  • A fitness center with a gym
  • Both on & offsite accommodation options with private rooms, dormitories, and a swimming pool
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • Gym shop, showers, and lockers

The gym accommodates students of all levels and goals – twice daily (morning & afternoons) – from beginners to professionals and offers personalized training and feedback from the trainers. Learn the authentic and practical techniques of Muay Thai, improve your fitness and skills, and challenge yourself with intense and structured training, even if you are a beginner – nope, they don’t like to go too easy on you.

Santai offers various packages at affordable prices and has an intense fight program and a boxing ring full of fledgling Thai fighters leading the scene in the province. The gym can arrange fights for students who want to test their skills in the ring, against Thai fighters, in Thai stadiums, and at Thai festival events.

Being so close to many attractions and activities in Chiang Mai, such as temples, markets, animal sanctuaries, and more, you can easily explore the city and enjoy its culture and beauty while training at the gym.

Truly a blast for many, with reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor teeming with people feeling part of a community! Looking for the perfect place to truly test your skill? Then Santai Muay Thai gym is definitely a no-brainer!

– Visit the Santai Muay Thai Gym website here
– View on Google Maps

Dang Muay Thai Gym

Competing at fourth place on our list of the best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai, we have Dang Muay Thai Gym, a gym often seen to host many local and international students, all training together. The gym was founded in 2012 by Kru Dang (nicknamed Mr. Miyagi by his students), a former professional fighter and trainer with over 20 years of experience in Thai boxing.

The gym is situated in the old town of Chiang Mai, conveniently and centrally located, and even near many attractions and activities, most notably close to famous temples, markets, and museums. The facility has a massive 9,000-square-foot (836 sqm) training area with a full-size ring, over 20 heavy bags, and quality equipment.

Here, visitors can find:

  • A fitness center with a gym
  • On-site accommodation options with private rooms
  • A bar and café
  • A wide range of personal 1:1 sessions and group classes

The gym had many champions and fighters trained through them who have competed at the highest level of Muay Thai. Even though it has shaped many champs, this Thai Boxing home is still popularly known as one of the most fun places to train for its lively atmosphere and fun, engaging trainers.

And these muay thai trainers focus on all aspects, including stances, punches, kicks, knees, elbows, clinches, footwork, defense, and conditioning, just to name a few.

The gym has received excellent reviews from many customers on Google, mentioning the appreciation of the welcoming family vibe, casual and fun training, and the improvement they saw in their skills and fitness. Overall, Kru Dang’s gym is easily placed among the best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai for its enthusiastic and encouraging training techniques while still being a personal favorite of many!

– Visit the Dang Mauy Thai Gym website here
– View on Google Maps

SKP Muay Thai Gym

SKP Muay Thai, in our list of best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai, places itself in 5th for efforts towards targeting specific techniques in Mau Thai. This gym passionately supports pupils eager to improve their skills and looking for a good workout while being drilled to surpass limits by two renowned fighters, Kru Golf and Kru Keng.

Located roughly 22 km (13 miles) east of the old town, Chiang Mai in Sankamphaeng, it is only a stone’s throw away from various restaurants and attractions, including the popular Wat Rong Tham Samakkhi Buddhist temple.

SKP has a spacious and well-equipped training area with a full-size ring, heavy punching bags, pads, gloves, and other gear. It caters to experienced fighters and newcomers locally known to focus on advanced clinch training (close-distance grappling).

Here, visitors can find:

  • A variety of training programs, from beginner to advanced
  • Personalized attention and feedback from the trainers
  • Opportunities to spar and fight with other students or local fighters
  • Clinch training specialty and strength training
  • A mix of traditional and modern Muay Thai techniques

Their Facebook reviews are packed with recommendations praising the quality of the training, the professionalism and kindness of the trainers, and the improvement they saw in specialized one-on-one training closing the gaps on any weakness they show in the ring.

Overall, SKP Muay Thai Gym is among the best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai for its authentic and professional-specific training, especially for those who want to master the clinching game – specifically if you are looking to train under someone new, with a fresh perspective!

– Visit the SKP Muay Thai Gym Facebook page here
– View on Google Maps

Boon Lanna Muay Thai Gym

Finally, Boon Lanna Muay Thai Gym is on our list of the best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai for its unique program helping pupils from all skill levels master all aspects of Thai boxing, from Muay Femur (the art and alternating techniques) to Mauy Plum (close-quarter clinch).

Located in the Saraphi District, about 30 minutes from Chiang Mai Airport and central Chiang Mai, the gym is conveniently positioned far away from the noise of the busy city. You’ll get to meet the founder, Master Boon, and learn signature moves from a former professional fighter and trainer with over 30 years of experience.

The gym has a large, modern training area with a full-size ring, eight training bags, speed balls, and plenty more quality equipment. Boon Lanna also offers comfortable and clean dormitories for students who want to stay on-site and participate in longer training courses.

Reviews gush over the welcoming and encouraging environment and boast about how many pupils are treated like family while yet being handled like warriors in the ring. Other than that, visitors can find:

  • A variety of training programs, from beginner to advanced
  • Personalized attention and feedback from Master Boon and his team of trainers
  • Opportunities to spar with students or local fighters
  • Traditional and authentic Muay Thai techniques and culture
  • A balance of physical and mental training, with meditation and yoga sessions

Boon Lanna has received many positive reviews from customers on their website on Google, Tripadvisor, and Facebook, with reviews complimenting their professional training, the expertise and wisdom of Master Boon and his trainers, and the progressive improvement reliably encouraged throughout their experience.

Overall, Boon Lanna Muay Thai Gym is among the best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai for its wide-ranging approach, specializing in all aspects of Muay Thai art, perfect for those who want the full package in one place – and, of course, a Master Boon guide you!

Buakaw Village

Well, we saved the most interesting for last!

In Mae Taeng district, Chiang Mai, about 50 kilometers from the airport, contains various tourist attractions worth visiting like the Huai Nam Dang National Park, Mok Fa Waterfall, and many river rafting sites, but how many know that there is a Muay Thai village open for tourists to visit and relax amongst the beauty of nature? Not many people know this, actually! Because if you do not study the route thoroughly beforehand, it could be quite a maze to get here.

This place is Buakaw Village, under the management of a world-famous Muay Thai fighter Sombat Buakaw Banchamek. This site is designed to be a gym that can accommodate local and foreign enthusiasts to train Muay Thai, starting from beginners to career fighters, with exceptional instructors like Buakaw himself and several other gym trainers.

Everyone gets to live the life of a Muay Thai fighters in a lovely environment among the beautiful mountains, trees, and fields. You will be able to try out food diets typical Muay Thai boxers eat. There are accommodations available, and guests can participate in local activities and customs such as rice transplanting, harvesting, fishing, and taking care of the livestock on a farm that Buakaw set up next to the Muay Thai training camp. Additionally, there are many other nearby tourist attractions that you can visit during break time. Those who do not wish to teach but simply to relax can also enjoy their time as a guest here, where you are guaranteed to experience a lovely atmosphere!

FB page –

Website –

Google Map –

Our Summary

Chiang Mai has many excellent gyms that offer various teaching techniques and styles of Muay Thai, so don’t limit yourself to this list for those looking for something specific. However, these seven undoubtedly are best Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai and can cater to aspiring Thai boxers. So, do your research, check their websites, and contact them if you feel the warrior in you overflowing with excitement with what the gym offers. 


The cost of training Muay Thai in Chiang Mai varies depending on the gym, location and type of program you are looking for. Generally, one-month programs start at around 10,000 baht ($330) and include accommodation. A weekly training regimen may cost you around 600-900 baht ($20-30) depending on the gym. Additionally, there are many day classes available for a few hundred baht ($9-10) per session.

You should check it with the Muay Thai gym where you plan to train. Some of them will help you prepare some documents for your 1-year educational visa if you pay for a year of martial arts training in advance. So if you train muay thai in Thailand for a year, you have the opportunity to get a student visa.

Sure, you can discuss this with your coach. There are several boxing stadiums in Chiang Mai where novice and experienced kickboxers compete against each other to the audience’s cheers, not only to be rewarded but also to keep their own personal statistics of victories and defeats.

The best place to train Muay Thai in Thailand depends on your individual needs and goals. There are many great Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok, including Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy, Fairtex and the Sityodtong Camp in Pattaya. Other well-known gyms include Lanna Muay Thai in Chiang Mai, Phuket Top Team and Sinbi Muay Thai in Phuket. Alternatively, there are many smaller gyms in each major city where Muay Thai is taught.

Professional Muay Thai fighters in Thailand can earn anywhere from a few thousand to several hundred thousand baht ($330-10,000) per fight. The exact amount a fighter makes depends on several factors, including the promotion and budget of the event, the fighter’s record, and the size of the audience. In addition to the fight pay, some fighters will receive a percentage of gate fees or other types of bonuses.

If you’re coming to Chiang Mai for Muay Thai boxing classes, check out the helpful tips we’ve written for travelers exploring Northern Thailand. Also, check out our rental rates if you want to rent a motorcycle to get around town. If you still have questions, you can contact us or explore more information about motorbike rentals in Chiang Mai on the homepage. See you soon!

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  1. Shane Cook says:

    Thank you for collating this material and constructing an informative article. I wonder if you could respond to my unusual message.
    I’m a 60yo Australian male who has just completed two years of radiation for cancer. As a consequence I’m quite unfit and mentally in good spirits, however, do have the occasional mood swings. I commenced Muay Thai classes one month ago and felt it has helped me overcome many issues with my mental and physical health whilst learning something new. I’ve also learnt in this short time about posture, breathing, confidence, self defence and respect. As stated I’m 60yo but I’m not dead yet. My Muay Thai gym mainly consists of males in there twenties who show no disrespect but obviously are much fitter than I and as a consequence sometimes I cannot keep up. With all that being said I’d like to continue my Muay Thai journey in Thailand. I visualise staying at a self contained camp with all the necessities such as food, accommodation, trainers that are aware of my recent health issues and devise a program to suit my needs which also requires weight loss. Given time, flexibility and money is not an issue for me, what and where would be your recommendation best to suit my needs. I understand this case maybe unusual but any feedback would be immensely appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Cat Motors Team says:

      Hey, Shane! We believe that at each of these training camps, you will be able to find a Thai boxing coach who can offer you a customized program based on your needs.

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