What type of gas to use in Thailand for a scooter or a motorcycle?

The number of gas stations that sell pure gasoline in Thailand is getting lower every year. In most cases, they sell gasohol at the gas stations. Gasohol is a mixture of gasoline and ethyl alcohol. Octane number rating of gasohol is 95 and 91. There are also biofuel types [...]

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How to choose a helmet

This article will be useful to all beginner motorcyclists. Here is an overview of some important considerations when choosing the right helmet. Where to begin? First of all, take your time. Buying a helmet is a very responsible task, because it can literally save your life! Therefore, be prepared [...]

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The complete guide to buying a motorcycle or scooter in Thailand

Scooters and motorcycles may be a good alternative to cars, because of their portability, easy handling, fuel economy and small price. For some people, particularly city dwellers, the two-wheeled transport may serve as the only vehicle that can meet all their requirements in terms of moving in stone jungles. [...]

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