Motorcycle tire air pressure

To begin with, the correct air pressure in the tires directly affects their durability and your safety. Therefore, you should check this regularly.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, tires should be checked once or twice a week. At Cat Motors, we recommend that you check your tire pressure once or twice a week, or every time you buy fuel at a gas station (almost every gas station in Thailand has an air compressor).

Motorcycle tire pressure should be following the recommendations of the tire manufacturer or the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturer. As a rule, for most scooters made in Thailand, the recommended maximum air pressure in tires is 29-33 psi.

When inflating tires do not need to overdo it. If you pump up tires more than recommended, then they will become tough and on each road bump, you will jump like a soccer ball. Also, the contact patch with the road will decrease, which can lead to a subsequent accident.

You can easily find out what the tire pressure is for your motorcycle model, as indicated either on the tire or the sticker.

Motorbikes tire air pressure

Please note that the values indicated on the wheel and required for the motorcycle may vary. In this case, the manufacturer places a sticker with the required value on the motorcycle. For example, in the photo above, the maximum air pressure is indicated on the wheel 41PSI. This is a wheel from a Yamaha NMax.
But under the seat of the motorcycle, there is a sticker that says that the recommended air pressure in the tires of this motorbike is 22PSI for the front wheel and 36PSI for the rear.

Yamaha NMax Air Pressure

In this case, you should follow the recommendations that are indicated on the sticker.

The tire is inflated according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, it is a safe ride and fuel economy. For example, if the tire pressure is too high, this will reduce the tire life cycle by up to 20%. Also, this may cause the tire to explode. Also in emergency cases, the braking distance increases.

However, low tire pressure can impair riding on the road. At a speed of more than 20-30 km/h the motorcycle will wag on the road, which can lead to a possible accident.

Tire Traction

As has already been mentioned above, almost every gas station in Thailand has an air compressor. If you don’t know how to use it, you can watch the video instruction.

(video coming soon)

If for some reason you are unable to inflate the tire, just ask the staff at the gas station to help you.


Tip: If you pump up your wheel at a local motorcycle workshop, ALWAYS check the air pressure after that. Because 99% of local mechanics NEVER use a pressure gauge!

– Oh my God! This guy has a very good motorcycle! We must give him more free air!

After visiting a motorcycle workshop, you can almost always be surprised to find that the air pressure in your wheels is two times more than regular! It’s not a joke!

Therefore, ALWAYS check the air pressure in the tires after a visit to the local motorcycle workshop.


Well, are you ready for your trip along the roads of northern Thailand, surrounded by amazing views of pristine nature? Then, choose a motorcycle, and we are waiting for you in the office! See you!