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I definitely must recommend this rental office. Bikes are very well maintained and handed over to users in great condition – i rented scooters in this part of world several times before and this was for very first time when i had no issues at all, everything 100% functional. Very clear rules and conditions, helpful staff reachable via messenger.
Jan Pachla, 5 star
Friendly, smooth and professional service. I rented a 250 cc for 1 month. The bike was in excellent condition and price was reasonable. They copied my passport and I left a deposit for the bike. No problems during the whole time. Retuned the bike and got deposit back. Excellent experience, highly recommend.
Waldo Smith, 5 star

They did not want to pay my gas costs. If I pay you for a motorcycle rental, you must pay all my expenses, including gasoline! Very bad experience. Look somewhere else.

Hui Lin Deng, 1 star


Kugi Em, 5 star

No nonsense good quality rentals at a reasonable price. We rented two scooters to do the Mae Hong Son motorcycle loop and both did well the whole time. Returning them was easy and fast and the whole process was one of the easiest of all the dozens of motorbikes rentals I’ve had in SE Asia.

Michael Albert, 5 star

One of the best motor rental experiences that I’ve had. The person at the shop carries out everything professionally and efficiently. The bike was in excellent condition with a mask, first-aid kit, raincoat in the trunk.

Duo Ngo, 5 star

Scooter et moto en très bon état et bien entretenus, le staff parle couramment anglais. J’ai loué le Yamaha Aerox 155 et ai fait plus de 700km sans soucis. Bonne adresse!

Alex Poubanne, 5 star

Si buscas un sitio donde alquilar moto, este es tu sitio.Precio correcto y motos en buen estado. Mi pareja y yo alquilamos una scooter para hacer el Mae Hong Son Loop y acabamos haciendole a la moto (125cc) unos 1000km en la semana que la ruvimos. Sin ningun problema mecánico, sin sustos sin nada que nos hiciese perder ni un solo momento de la ruta.

Mike, 5 star

Honest guys, no problems renting. We paid cash deposit, no passport. Bike was very good condition and they clearly look after their scooters.

Harry Parkers, 5 star

Hands down best rental agency in Chiangmai. For one week rental, bike was dropped off at hotel and upon return they gave me a ride across town! Very professional and good English.  In case you damage the rental, they have a chart on the wall showing the prices of each part so you know they don’t try to take advantage of you. Very straightforward. Highly recommend.

Riley Embly, 5 star

These guys are the best. They are easy to deal with, affordable, have a good selection of high quality bikes. They don’t rent to inexperienced riders. Unlike most shops, you can leave a deposit in lieu of your passport. I rented two different bikes over the week I was in Chiang Mai, one for mountain trekking and the other for around town. There was no hassle either renting or returning either bike. Highly recommended.

Jude Chauvin, 5 star

Ранее бывали на экскурсиях только с гидами. Захотелось самим посмотреть старый город и королевскую резиденцию в Чиангмае, вот и взяли мотоцикл на прокат. Понравилось, как нас проконсультировали специалисты этой компании – дали толковые советы по составлению маршрута. Байк в хорошем состоянии, проехали весь маршрут без поломок. Цена аренды доступная любому, кто не побоится в чужой стране сесть за руль.

Галина Гайдаш, 5 star

Professional service, fair prices and very good support on the whole rental period from the manager. We kept in touch on Line and he even instructed me where to go and what to do to get a Thai driving license.  The motorbikes are “like new” and in awesome condition compared to the ones that I had in Vietnam. People seem to be more disciplined in traffic in Thailand too. Everything was good and I highly recommend this place to rent a motorbike.

Adrian Berila, 5 star

Когда в прошлом месяце приезжали отдыхать в Таиланд, в брали тут в аренду с друзьями несколько мотоциклов. Понравилось, что здесь работает приятный и вежливый персонал, который подробно нас проконсультировал и ответил на все необходимые вопросы. Стоимость аренды вполне доступная и не завышенная. Мотоциклы в прекрасном состоянии и отработали на твердую пятерку.

Борис Москвин, 5 star

We rent two motorbikes yesterday , and they were working perfectly, also the guys are amazing people and they were helping us to have a meeting with and agency tour that we were not finding the place, we just can appreciate your big favour. All the best!

Jordi Otano, 5 star

Trustworthy rental place, lot of bikes in good shape to choose. Rent a 125 cc for 250 a day. Deposit 3000 baths. We didn’t have enough money so we deposit passport. Everything went smooth and got passport back without any problems. I like that they have first aid kit for free to use in the bike, locker, rain poncho for free. So nice touch! And good helmet with windshield Recommend this place!

Anne, 5 star

車況很好,一台250泰銖/一天,押金也只需要3000(需影本護照),還會提醒我們行車安全和規定,以及幫我們先查詢好google map。非常謝謝店家,我不小心劃到車身,第一時間是關心我是否有受傷,沒責怪我或要我賠償,真的很抱歉,謝謝你們的貼心。如果有朋友來清邁一定推薦在此租車!!💗

林雅瑀, 5 star

Muchas gracias por el trato!! El mejor sitio y el más fiable para poder alquilar una moto en chiang mai. No te piden pasaporte, si no una fianza de 3000 bath. Sin duda si volvemos a chiang mai volveremos. Gracias amigo por todo !!

Francisco Gonzalez, 5 star

Despues de buscar la mejor opcion en guias, foros y reseñas me he decantado por alquilar la moto aqui. La experiencia ha sido muy positiva (era reacio en alquilar una moto en thailandia). La moto en muy buenas condiciones, el personal muy amable y dispuesto (nos recomendaron rutas y lugares a visitar). Y lo mas importante, ya que me preocupaba este tema, no dejamos pasaporte. Solo una fianza de 3000 baths (unos 80 euros) y fotocopia del pasaporte.
Cuando fui a devolver la moto todo perfecto, rapido y agradecidos por haber alquilado la moto ahi. Muy transparentes y legales, te invitan a que hagas fotos y videos de golpes o rasguños que pueda tener la moto. Muy recomendable.

Noel Martinez, 5 star

Very proffessional service and really helpful. The staff are extremely friendly and offer advice and aid where they can. We were crashed into on one of the bikes and they have helped us out with all communication and documentation, making it much less of a nightmare. Have been using their services for over 2 months and will continue to do so. Would highly recommend to anyone considering renting a motorcycle.

Y Carter, 5 star
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