What can you learn in a moto-riding school?

I, as an instructor, set myself two tasks:

  • To give the necessary initial skills for safe driving on public roads.
  • To prepare someone for passing an exam successfully.

My motorcycle riding training program is created for an average student. If you get it all at once and easily, you’re lucky, so use this and try to get more experience. I aim to give you the knowledge that will be important on a real road, and not to fill your head with different fantastical stories, such as “how to turn a motorcycle at the speed of 200 km/h”, about which everybody is telling, but nobody has really done it! However, one should devote maximum attention to correct braking, since a blocked front wheel can cost a person his life.

The easiest is to teach people who have a category B driving license, and can drive a car with a manual transmission, but don’t have any motorcycle riding experience. Generally, there is no problem with such students. My task is to explain what is expected of them and why it is necessary, to monitor correct technique of performing the exercises and to give a student an opportunity to be able to do it blindfolded (develop the necessary skills)!

Often people come and say that they know how to ride and have many years of experience. First, I always suggest that such students make a ride and show what they can do. Almost always it turns out that they only know how to move and go in a straight line. In the best-case scenario, they have ridden a scooter with a capacity of 50cc, which does not accelerate more than 30 km/hour. They have never heard about such things as correct riding position, how to brake properly, a direction of the eyes, downshifting technique. So, these “motorcyclists” have to be re-trained, and re-training somebody is always more difficult than training!

Sometimes we have students who cannot even ride a bicycle. It might seem that it would be a serious problem, but with certain techniques, we can assure quick results. Of course, training such student will take a little longer than one, who initially knows how to balance himself.

If you have decided to learn to ride a motorcycle, please consider this very seriously. Only a riding training school will teach you the necessary skills and give you the proper knowledge. Driving a car and riding a motorcycle is not the same thing. The stopping distance for a motorcycle with an unprepared rider at the wheel exceeds the stopping distance of a car in times. Also, the cost of even a small accident can be somebody’s life!

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