Orchid Farm Sai Nam Phung in Chiang Mai

In Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai province, there is one of the most famous orchid farms in northern Thailand. There are many species of orchids blooming in beautiful bouquets that you can examine up close and an orchid nursery that you can also explore. You can buy them as souvenirs for those who like orchid jewelry and butterflies on a pendant. Prices for orchids start at 90 baht per plant and up. In addition to orchids, you will find vintage cars and a cozy cafe with the famous local cuisine of northern Thailand.

Orchid Farm Chiang Mai

You can make Sai Nam Phung Orchid Farm part of a day-long Samoeng Loop motorbike route.

Although Mae Rim is famous for being home to most of Chiang Mai’s tourist attractions and many travelers visit this place every year, many tourists pass by the orchid garden without seeing it because Sai Nam Phueng Orchid is not near the main road and is therefore hidden from the eyes of travelers.

Visit Sai Nam Phun Orchid Farm

Just come here to walk around and see the beautiful orchids. You will see dendrobium orchids with different characteristics here. Some will have a yellow face with a maroon mouth, while others will have a velvety surface with colors that reflect the bright light. It is stunning.

You’ll also find the rare Chompoo Nakarin orchid here, which received royal favor from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The price of this potted orchid is 1,200 baht. The proceeds from the sale of this orchid are donated to the royal charity.

Few people know, but it can take decades of breeders’ labor and experimentation to breed a new variety of orchids and beautifully blooming flowers.

In addition to the dendrobium, Sai Nam Phueng Orchid has many other genera of orchids, such as the vanda, phalaenopsis, oncidium, deciduous plants, cacti, and more. All of these you can buy at home to decorate the interior of your home and give it a cozy feel.

After your flower shopping, you can sit in a local cafe, take a break from strolling through the blooming orchid garden and grab a bite to eat in an authentic cafeteria.

Entry fees and opening hours

Admission for foreigners is 80 baht.

Open to the public from 8:00 to 17:00.

Orchid Farm Reviews

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