Best motorcycle oil for your bike

You can think it is a laughter through tears or a cry from the depths, but there are people who buy costly motorbikes with plenty of expensive accessories like clothes, helmets, boots and other elements of motorcycle gear but at the same time, they buy the cheapest oil.

It reminds a failed rocket launch with a rivet fallen down from the shell. Cheap oil makes a bike move softly and smoothly the same way as an expensive one does, but it doesn’t mean that you will not have other problems with it in the future.

Which oil to choose?

Every model of motorcycles is different. There are differences in engine capacities, cylinder compression ratio and cooling system. Some motorcycles are used for riding in a desert and others, in the north of Siberia. All these factors influence the choice of the most important thing, which is engine lubricant. The instruction manual of your motorcycle should contain a clear engine viscosity chart. Viscosity provides the movement with a minimum frictional loss during cylinder compression, influences the engine power, coolant level and, most importantly, it affects the rotation speed of the motorcycle’s heart (it’s clear that the oil required for a motorcycle with 12000 rpm differs from the one with 3000 rpm).

Also, you should take into consideration the ambient temperature. For example, if you haven’t used your motorcycle for a long time or if it is in the storage shed.

motul motor oil for motorbike Chiang Mai, Thailand-_2

There are 6 viscosity grades for summertime and 6 grades for wintertime usage with a target ranging from 0 to 60 (0 is the lowest viscosity grade). If the oil grade label is “W”, it means you can use it during low-temperature seasons of the year or in the north. You should read attentively the instruction manual when buying other types of oil to find out the information about using bio-based organic engine oil and synthetic oil. Usually, the motor manufactures make the recommendations. However, in some cases, you need to choose the engine oil yourself. Choose wisely everything for your motorcycle. Because you don’t want the engine to get stuck at the speed of 100 km/h while driving on a highway.

At Cat Motors, we change the engine oil regularly. Oil brand and its type, as well as the frequency of maintenance, are in full compliance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.