Air pressure in tires of motorcycle

It is well known that the tire pressure should be checked regularly. According to the recommendation of the manufacturer, tires must be checked once or twice a week. In Cat Motors we encourage you to check the tire pressure once or twice a week, or every time you buy fuel at the gas station (almost every gas station in Thailand has an air compressor). Checking air pressure in tires is a must before a long ride. Unfortunately, only a few riders consider it. But you should, because your safety on roads and, consequently, your life depends on how good the tire pressure is.

Motorcycle tire pressure should be in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the tires. Generally, for scooters produced in Thailand with an engine capacity from 100cc to 150cc, the recommended tire pressure is 29-33 PSI (pound per inch). For mechanical minibikes, it is about 32-38 PSI depending on the motorcycle model.

You can easily find out what the tire pressure is for the model of your motorcycle, as it is noted on the tire. Numbers on the face of the tire indicate the recommended pressure you should maintain while using the motorcycle.

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An inflated tire, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, contributes not only to safety while riding, but also helps you to save on fuel consumption. If the tire pressure is too high, for example, the recommended value is 32-33 PSI, but you have inflated it to 40-50 PSI, it would reduce the tire’s life cycle up to 20%. In addition, it can lead to the explosion of the tire and increase fuel consumption. Also, in case of emergency, it increases the braking distance.

A low tire pressure, however, can impair the control of the motorcycle on the road. At a speed of more than 20-30 km/h, a motorcycle will wobble on the road that will risk a possible accident. One must also keep in mind that if there is a low pressure in the tire, for example, the manufacturer recommends 32-33 PSI, but you use your motorcycle at a tire pressure of 20-22 PSI, it may cause the tire to wear, dry rot, or to its deformation. Also, the tire may break down after only 30-40 kilometers of a track so that it will need a replacement.

As it has already been mentioned above, almost every gas station in Thailand has an air compressor. If you don’t know how to use it, you can watch the video instruction.

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If for some reason you are unable to inflate the tire, just ask the staff at the gas station to help you. Maybe they will not understand your good level of English, but if you park your motorcycle at the air compressor and just point your finger to the tire with saying pleeeeease, they will absolutely understand you.