Cat Motors is a family business first started in the far 2010 year. The story of Cat Motors began with a Yamaha Fino that we rented to our friend back in October 2010. Today, our company has up to more than one hundred motorbikes with different engine capacities and several cars.

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In fact, the story began even a bit earlier, when back in 2008, the project founder Meaw worked in a charity fund and her future husband, inveterate traveler, came to Thailand with a UN humanitarian mission. First, we became friends and then we got married. Later, one of our mutual friends Max visited us in Thailand, also with a charity mission. He asked for a motorbike for one week. When he returned the motorbike, he paid for it, although we felt very uncomfortable taking money from a friend, and we tried to refuse. Later on, thanks to Max’ recommendations, from time to time, different volunteers and travelers would come to us.

One evening we heard the doorbell. When we opened the door, we met eight(!) people standing at the doorstep. “Max said we can rent a motorbike from you, we need four, can you help us?” asked a short slender girl named Lin. Back then, we couldn’t know that she would become our regular customer because we couldn’t imagine opening a motorbike rental. However, at this very moment, we decided to buy some more motorbikes, at least two or three. Just in case. Then more… and more… Finally, we had a company called Chiang Mai Scooter Rental. In September 2017, we re-branded it and renamed Chiang Mai Scooter Rental to Cat Motors.

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As before, we care about our customers and we strive to provide a high-quality service. Of course, you still can rent a motorbike or a vehicle in a good technical condition and with a reasonable price from our company.

A few of our rules.

1. We don’t rent motorbikes to travelers who can’t ride motorbikes. A motorcycle is a high-risk vehicle. Thailand is the country with one of the highest road crash rates per capita in the world. Including fatalities. As a matter of fact, motorbike riding without special training ends in the hospital. And that’s the best-case scenario. We fully understand this, that’s why we avoid renting a motorbike to travelers who lack motorbike-riding experience.

If you don’t have any riding experience we strongly encourage you to use Grab-Taxi or receive prior training at the Honda Safety Riding Park. Please remember, back home your family members are waiting for you to return safe and sound. So, please think twice before riding a motorbike if you don’t have the necessary skills to do it.

Please note that if our employees notice that you don’t have enough riding experience, we have the right to refuse to rent a motorcycle to you at any time. Even after you have already paid the rent. These rules were implemented for your own safety. If we refuse to rent a motorcycle after you have paid for it, we will fully refund the amount. Please remember, safety first.

2. We never rent faulty motorbikes, riding which can be life-threatening. Our goal is providing a functioning motor vehicle and ensuring your safety on the road. In the light of this, we do not scrimp for the timely maintenance of the vehicles and monitor their condition. We spend about 20-30% of the company’s profits on maintenance service. The maintenance that requires to be done by high-qualified professionals is held only in the Honda and Yamaha service centers. Our team of professional mechanics with a vast experience carries out all other operations.

3. We donate about 5% of our company’s profits on a monthly basis to the charities sponsoring educational programs for children from low-income families. We believe that knowledge is a way to the Life. A way that provides an opportunity for children from low-income families to get an education and become doctors, scientists, teachers, engineers, and contribute further to the society.

Cat Motors — created by Travelers for Travelers. Welcome!

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